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Happiness essay

In English class, his teacher asked young students to write an essay with the topic happy moments you've ever met in my life. Just a small post but me myself.
 100 Miles From Memphis
temporarily forgotten essay, out of class, I rushed to the hospital to visit her friends accident traffic. Incipient steps in the intensive care room, I suddenly stopped in the doorway. Your lover I sat beside the bed, holding her hand pressure on his cheek and whisper. Boys talked about their time in love, the pure eyes of the girl when he was first inspired to, the hope is never off. The shadow of your fingers at me slightly. Boy shook his shoulders. Turned to walk, I hastily wiped tears poured where canthus. I believe you will return to his life, very soon.

Go home, after dinner with my mother, I took out a sealed envelope. The first paragraph of my monthly salary. Holding the envelope I took, her fingers shaking moment. The strong finger nails never long. My fingers always dry lumpy, slightly thick as hundreds of thousands of jobs. Mom smiled but why eyes water ...

At night, when I read books, phone vibrate slightly. "I sleep? If not, open the radio up slightly. Being a love letter song ...". Colleague's message. Or look into my eyes, he is still helping me work hard, too hard as long as a new employee. Affordable, the message is an open ...

I back up lights on a circuit and write the moments I have experienced in the day. Warm moments of emotion never before. Happy moments flashed on connecting ordinary day in the life of me.

The class I would be the highest point for the essay. Huge surprise, he was young he explains: "Remember the happy times, you will overcome all difficulties in life. Because happiness is to stop suddenly, they have little gibberish it does not matter where ...".

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