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Guide How to make love the most fun!

Obviously there are many positions that sex is fun, but there is a way to stimulate both pleasurable sides: on the wall and "gravitate". In a survey of recent comments by Cosmo, the Adam and Eve have chosen this position is the most erotic sex. (Perhaps we need thanks to a romantic scene in the library was built in the film Atonement, when James McAvoy Keira Knightley makes a fascinated book prices listed next to a near wall).

reason why sex positions sexy back to the wall that is by its nature original.

Doctor, doctor Specialized Hospital Pasadena, California Lori Buckley said: "When you are excited that you can not wait any longer it would be the immediate solution helps you meet. The fact that your guy will pressure you to wall in with a quick sense of rage. However, this position will not be able to heat up as if every movement is not flexible, so you have to have an exciting prelude.

"Up top"

When he records her close to the wall, he completely control the speed and depth

The quick in making love is one of the side wall factors make the game more intense. Mr. Buckley suggested "Take off our clothes to make both feel more passionate. Start off each other's clothes as soon as he got through the door, but do not remove everything, pull down the internal medicine guy's hand you gently remove the buttons you guy's but remember do not shed clothes him out. "

In addition to the enjoyment of the you let him govern. Sari Locker, Ph.D., author of The Complete Idiot's Guide article to Amazing Sex explains that "Some love the way Adam" love "strong. When he records her close to the wall, he completely control the speed and depth. " When the guy in front of you and your backs to the wall, all based on your movement will be restricted. And you will experience the feeling of being attacked and imprisoned, the main this will stimulate you.

According to Buckley, this position also makes the guy's penis is irritated. Your pelvis slightly lower than the guy, put your hot spots on the guy's pubic bone. When he was really going into your hot spots, gently rub your sensitive guy. At the same time, tighten your legs, this gesture will narrow the vaginal opening and makes a delightful friction.

Mastering position:

He will stand with your face real close to you enjoy the feeling of being stroked
gotten one foot out the back wall and you rely on the wall. He will stand with your face real close to make you enjoy the feeling of being stroked. Is blocking him out and he bent his knees slightly and slowly slide your back up to you guys more. When he slid his hands on your butt, please wrap your legs around the guy's waist. For balance, please put your hands around the neck, back, hand him or keep him. Based very sure to get back to the wall while he thrust straight.

Because you are limited, so every move he will use hand pressure tight, rocking the pelvis before and after your . When you get excited and want to try a new location, you can gently change the position by pushing the foot push down until your feet touch the ground.

Challenge Specialty:

He excited try this feeling and possibly think this is wonderful
Because posture requires considerable impact on your body so he can not maintain that position long. If the height difference between them was so, please stand down to fatigue, rather than pushing him up. Hook one of your legs over the side of the guy's elbow and keep the other leg balanced on the floor.

Dr. Bickley said: "You can also anxious to see him We are trying to help you, worrying whether he is too exhausted or you are too heavy and make the game less interesting. Or should remember, however: he is very excited to try this feeling and possibly think this is wonderful. "

If you want to be more active to let him pull you out of the wall little until only your shoulders against the wall. Then, starting from your hips rotate in two directions. It's a great feeling and also help you be more active.

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