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Graphically sophisticated ... loan

little girl, family conditions only secondary Games Games, even as difficult but still like to take "class" in his pants brand-name clothing, genuine phone. No sources of support from family, they deal with such needs by borrowing ....
"Back to Life" by borrowing map ...

Date of study Ha, she was a student of tourism schools in Hanoi had made his classmates - mostly freshmen "honest country bumpkin" - must be stunned. Scorpion populations delay, amplify T-shirts, ruffled hair pasta ... Ha differently than other students from other provinces.

Unto Ha makes people see themselves as " play real people, "comparable to city friends. Looking Ha, everyone must think her family very wealthy. But in fact, to be "unforgettable impression" this, Ha was "grilled" clean several million families to borrow for her admission into the clothing. Amounts of "wear marks" to buy a computer, learn a foreign language is "convert" into fashionable clothes, shoes genuine.

Ha then started borrowing classmates . Sitting next to someone, Ha ... too hot style "Playboy": "Let me borrow a few hundred to get even temporary shirt" every single "is not sold out." Paid to date, Ha mouth edge again: "See you at the other Small, today found a beautiful dress, I fall off."

More conditions such as how the family but she was born Ha Right press officer also called "floating floating home crowd," no less. Not understood Right "seem to show" how she was "the heart" of fashion shops in front, from clothing to shoes. She became patrons of the store. Even when there is no money in my pocket, she still may load of clothes, new shoes home.

One special addition is the right to communicate with friends and "caste" with her. The aim of Rights that, when necessary, she can borrow the furniture of his "brilliant" that people dressed up to "polish" himself.

Consequence of the "clinical"

The outer casing is important to the girls form this disease is not thought to result when "clinical." Only when they attack the wall in terror.

Ê red tape were exposed because the Joneses have had, many people become debtors. Classmates have been Ha "inquire" about money and time to listen to her hospital, they are enough other reasons for an appointment today. Now that everyone has vaguely, to see Ha bunch to chat, they find her way shy. Many say straight: "I do not have money or a head start." Ha go through each time, cloud gray distant friends again discuss everything from spray head down to the foot of Ha.

Racing demanding a "better person", so often borrow clothes, phone ... of friends, her girls were named Marine trot lot. But, "lobby day experience that is very genuine," gathered together in a group of people not having played a long day, Thuy borrowed her roommate Zip car to "fit" clothing.

nice clothes, nice cars, Glass has an image as you want in front of everyone. But unfortunately for her, on the way, she stopped the car to buy phone cards, when she turned the car loan that has no wings to fly.

After the "disaster", the Water loss toothpick disappeared, the study so that the burden off the road. Right girl named nor fortunate. By knowing your debt in no small fashion, diving takes Rights toothpick. Her little fashion shop owner did not wait for that "core customer" to pay debt, immediately moved to make the school look Rights. So which girls wear marks "playboy, sophisticated" women are not the owner for a battle to by crying, but also to ask: "Will I be paid in installments for her contribution."

After that, friends in class no one dared to make friends with the right. Dressed is one legitimate needs of all people, with girls it is even more necessary. However, it must conform to the conditions of each person, when the momentum will become the Joneses and cause bad consequences.

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