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The golden rule of dating

If you are prepared to date, met with an object "in view", you should refer to what should and should not so good start to the new relationship

- Try to make yourself look perfect and arrive on schedule.

- happy to meet, this is one factor to the success of the meeting date.

- Praise, praise the date the way you two met. People often try very much to each appointment should be told that you look great is what you want to hear.

- Take care and attention. Someone once said that I was never bored because I never do feel depressed or similar. The key is to be the focus.

- Talk to someone if you do not want to see them again. Lying and being nourished the hope that an act of sin and evil. If you do not want to see someone again, please let them know as gently as possible.

- Make a date with someone you really like and are attracted despite friends What can be said. The love of friends not proved a thing.

- Be optimistic even if the dating does not end well. The fact is sometimes you dating a frog before tinm see the true prince. This way you will meet good people and can set up some good relationships.

- Dating is a creative strategy, it requires concentration and energy so when you are dating keep some plans up front and allow their "adventure" by appointment if you like.

- Actively seek dating because others can not come and call you first. Dating to the positive action so should go out and meet as many people as possible.

- Always think positively about people who are dating. Find out how couples approach each other in meeting the stars and romance. Those of you who are passive do not understand that negative thoughts will only reduce your hope and makes you feel more shy.

should not - Never call someone than a once a day unless they have to call back. Desperation and insists that the major obstacle on the path of love.

- Not dating the person you see has always been overshadowed by them. You can be captivated by the looks cold, cruel but it will not take your relationships to where other than hurt feelings.

- For men, never including late for you to some compelling reasons. Women should also never sit alone and wait too long.

- Never lie during dating and do not pretend to do things in our lives. If it's a perfect game in the arrangement of God will never allow it to be disturbed by the lies silly.

- Never proved too ready. Ready every night last week, and receive all calls or meet anyone usually means you're doing your job becomes boring and can be ignored. Be busy, not ready at all times and make yourself more interesting.

- Do not disclose too much information about themselves right in the beginning. People always liked mysteries. Confided, with a new partner on the most secret inner world will quickly ruin everything.

- Never check other people did not leave the house when appointment with you. Maybe you think you smart but actually have the opposite effect. Focus story when both were seated together.

- Do not be rude or get drunk in the appointment. Gestures and tone polite, courteous help you.

- Do not ignore the safety of yourself when dating. You should always carry your cell phone battery is fully charged and tell your friends where both of destination. Dating should be first in crowded places and never engaged in any activity you do not like.

- Not to know personal information such as phone numbers and home addresses within the first appointment. Keep it until you feel the relationship is well tended.

- Do not do "it" in the first appointment if you have an appointment Monday. If they both liked each other, the sex factor is trying to ruin everything. Too much too soon and not a way of expressing romance.

- Never had a date with the family. They will never leave your spouse for what (if so, is a rare case). Relationship with the married are encouraged to misery, lies, manipulative, lacking self-esteem and loss of romance. If you are married, just before the break. If you're single, please do not turn into Tuesday sorry guys, you deserve so much better.

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