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While mood I was confused with the pain of losing her husband and still have not found a way to help comfort the children, Robbie and Krista, only hours after they buried his father, Davey. I'm like the falling of a cliff, falling forever falling forever and still not touch the bottom. But the kids like the lost soul, Robbie sat lonely, looking out the front yard grass, where his father and it has often played hide and seek office when his father arrived home tan, Krista is on the wall crying face Forest flaming. Davey is the father just has a close friend of it. Oh, they need to know how much their father. This loss is large compared to the children's stamina. The future of my children no longer happens when their father?

Maybe God as he understands the pain. The person who sent us a priceless gift, a gift just for us alone .!!!

It was a gloomy morning, gray skies, drizzling rain fell taking the punishment. The funeral is completed. The painful loss of a partner has many years of hands knee village now given way to a different concern: how kids can help overcome this sorrow?

Both our house was filled with people: their relatives and friends. In this sad moment, everyone trying to do something to share our motivation, especially Robbie and Krista. My father led the children out into the backyard to play them a little quiet time. Finally, people also turn out, I also go out to the windowsill to say goodbye to everyone. As we have just carried out the door, a vision appeared before his eyes until now still forever engraved in my mind: One half is a glittering rainbow in the sky at the position immediately before the airport my house. Everyone froze person, open-mouthed, staring at the sky. Only loud "Oh" over an hour and no one speaks any more questions.

Before you can re-centering, I heard the voice of my father and children. I ran into the back yard dive. Could not believe my eyes!! The other half of the rainbow is in the backyard of my house immediately. When I look back at the entire house, but later discovered that the rainbow is shining all the light directly into our homes: A perfect rainbow appeared right eye. A brilliant and beautiful scene that I am convinced that without a talented photographer that can capture a beautiful scene like this. No words can describe my mood at the time, I felt relief and warm to strangers. Oh God! He sent for me and the kids a wonderful gift. Did he want to say that He is always beside us and an opportunity for us to be united, clear the gap between earth and eternity ????. Until then I feel all the moods of his wife last met her husband while before he go to heaven in the movie that I really preferred "Ghost." A hard to describe emotions, tears flowing out of endless fun.

That night, I took the kids to bed. Krista hugged me and whispered, "Mommy! Is the Father has sent us the rainbow is not mom?" I do not know how to explain valid but I believe he has done something to express his love and his presence for his wife and children. Thank God for his gift, a beautiful rainbow, but also the best ever seen in my life.

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