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Go East!

Today Tri cold Vietnamese children sir! Everyone could see it was cold, but you know, his own feeling, then doubled again to others, because Vietnamese Tri today without you, without you and your arms like he is missing the looking for someone, I feel cold very cold, my dear brother.

days ago I hate winter, cold because he was afraid, very afraid because winter is a lonely winter li paler than the winter all the other seasons, but this winter is different, this winter he has a lot of new friends and especially children he has, he eventually was used to the cold of winter, a bit familiar with the urgent breathing of the trees yellow leaves little to the final, familiar with the feeling always have you in my arms. But today is different, the feeling of fear returned, the fear and cold are horrible I know, I missed you see, he had called hundreds of times for me but not , pick up each time I just wanted to hear you say one sentence alone, but once he received only disappointment only, tonight, as well as many other nights, but why did you feel this night is too long , it might be long because it is without you, but he felt it long because he "Tonight I miss you"

By djnhkjmbach

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