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A Glimpse ... U!

The ah my little love, I love you! Tonight Hanoi seemed full of ambiguity, the cold winds of the season makes my mind more blurred. Roam the lane, the road was too familiar to students of my life ...

Looking at the smile, just smile, but also has many excellent different states. Smile cheerfully offered by vendors, carefree smile of his friends in a street vending stalls, shy smile of happy young couple ... I watched all the emotions - feeling angry monitoring of young girls seems not satisfied with something people love, find peace in the hand held light, feelings of awe for a long time the two friends met again, find joy and She's happy when vendors today is a lucky day sale ... all very familiar, but I still miss something!

Suddenly a voice as someone asked: What feelings in your heart at this? Yeah baby, I do not know my feelings at this time the name is anymore. I do not see that cold nor hot. Oh no, it seems that my limbs are trembling slightly. Monsoon, which, again there is little rain again! But I feel that somewhere in my domain always has a warm, which is a heart full of love for me and my passion for my children. I do not feel lonely but I feel sad, sad because there beside me looking at everything and smiled and said to me as the day before. Where are you now so far away from me, make me 320 miles to be with loved ones in the family but away from me ...!
I very rarely say you love me but it made me feel a passionate love is always with me ... I

continue to go and then I see ... What? Heaven! I see you. You go with me and said, beaming. Is my dizziness reasonable? Why are you here at this! But it is me that, smile is still cute as always teasing me, still my eyes every gentle passion, the voice is always nagging, bullying me. I can not be mistaken. Yes, me, whom I've spent most of first love, first to touch my heart, who has made my life truly meaningful and more colorful ...

Then suddenly I felt a warm familiar arms day, I held your hand tight petite, soft and scared her as she will vanish! I simply said thank you was with me, I will keep you stay like this forever. On the old horse has many years of battle, we ran slowly on the narrow lane. Pace of life here is always noisy, but the children Deleting I always feel peaceful relief. It looks like all the pressure, sorrow, dust of everyday life vanish away as I sat on the open space of West Lake and hear me. Singing softly in harmony with the wind in mind for then deposited where my heart. The way you show affection to me is always very special, I very rarely say you love me but it made me feel a passionate love is always with me.

I know that in this life you are my happiness ...

car I ran across a shop selling clothes, when going through any clothing store that, I always looking back until it goes dead all the time, this habit may be common characteristics of all the girls! I looked into the shop and then suddenly startled, through the plate glass window reflection I see myself with the car. I do it? May I say, looking backwards. True, only I do it! So I thought I was still sitting right behind me! Perhaps nostalgia has made me confused. Difficult to express a sadness filled my mind, at this time if possible I would trade all my records to be held in the heart.

Khe her laugh, I'll probably lose and body then! In children, the children you know? People often speak of love that has faded with time, love as long as the sentiment will gradually fade. Does not know 2 years is a long time or not but when you receive my message I felt overwhelming joy and happiness, is thrilled to welcome each of you away, still surprised when see you, and I know that in this life you are my happiness. From you, I am sad but I think I need to thank for giving me the distance I know how much memory you, thanks for helping me time to realize I love you and how much thank fate I had to bring love to me. My little lover Well, I love you!

Titus fool you!
Shadow you forever in me
Send you - "He loves her small "
Writing for a little girl

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