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Giving the past ...

Happiness is something to take to bring happiness to others. And we'll really feel it when they see people we love are happy. "

In a certain aspect, I do not believe that love is something selfish love, because love is love that is for the person with all my heart and trust but it is not selfish, imposing on each other emotionally. Love that just to LOVE alone is probably incomplete, for I probably need to "three-LOVE" _ "two-TRADE" _ "a word meaning" and "a static text" enough to people how to sacrifice and forgiveness content for each other in all my life is. Once upon a time listening to "Forever and one", maybe I never big enough to be able to understand the mind of that, not even old enough to understand the so-called love love. So every time listening to all this, I can only vaguely felt a torment, a torment pain behind every note played. The words that I heard only the word of the text are lost I did not understand what the singers to convey.

Is there in me was just enough to feel a pain inside are buckling their songs that only . 'What can I do? Throught Will I be getting? Now that much I try to leave it all behind ... "It is hard when suddenly everything changed ... when the love that these guys thought would last forever suddenly broken again because of the leave the girl's sudden ... no explanation, no reason ... "I can do? Then will overcome everything reasonable? Now, maybe you should try to leave everything behind ... "Leaving the peaceful days, the memories have left a once cherished, had the honor to face the truth front, facing the breakup that guy probably did not want to happen ... "... Did you see what you have done to me? So hard to Justify Slowly it's passing by ... "" ... You can see what you caused me? It's hard to explain. And everything will pass away very long ... "If you think of love as a deep injury can easily turn into hatred, then f is a selfish emotion that is in love only, that is a selfish kind of love and blinded by themselves.

I think when love was not then do not hook the hook all back ... What to do when people are no longer for his feelings in his heart and it does remain a matter for the other ball I have tried to do everything for people but for people, then nothing. Do not do to be carried away feeling sorry for all love, do not blame each other with words of blame, the words to hurt each other ... Because if you're still in love with the other person will not get What do happily make them suffer, make them carry guilt for having abandoned you ... Love can not be empty hook in the selfishness of one person. .. Not a word of blame severity is a question well enough for her to realize she was at fault, but not so that men are now interested to shed all her fault. Try to find an excuse men to leave, try to find a reason to tell myself for the actions of the girl. At the same guy that still loves her body, then how he could see she was suffering, even people she loves at this no longer the guy again, though for her the love he had for all, it means nothing, because it was nonetheless a feeling of two people.

It will probably hurt when he saw her leave to go, but love is the desire of boys to girls is happy that the other, whether they are happy with a man who does not Is he just saw it ... she is probably happy to see him well enough to warm it. "... Forever and one I will miss you Tuy nhiên, I kiss you yet again Way down in Neverland ... "Forever never change ... I'll always remember you ... Even though we never kiss exchanged once again ... On the road to Neverland ... "trying to drive away more of her shadow, the sweet memories are still not disengage, the gentle memories too, too fragile, so broken now ... Look at the reality , denial of reality by the images on the old now can not have anymore ... The guy could not have done hoen fuzzy relationship with his bitter words, which are the images beautiful, but also because How to bring it more bitter, sad old trade show each of the past ... in the bottom goes wild eyes of the beholder ... stay ... "... So hard I was thử Tomorrow I'll still be crying How could you hide your lies Your lies ... "" It was hard he should try ... forcing day.Du for tomorrow is still imbued with tears ... rolling ... How can you cover up their lies ... "Until now breaking this new mood, new confided, he can only charge she could not speak with him the truth, do not blame him because of her love, just so she does not charge a straight times together ..

. For now he suddenly realized, everything suddenly changed ... As the request has expired should not be concealed by her guilt, not to lie to try to love each other ... Maybe he did not charge her the courage to speak the truth, so far this is all He will not bring business ... so selfish love in her hook when all are not, when everything is dying, how can save so ... "Here I ... am Seeing you once again My mind's so far away My heart's so close to stay Too proud to fight I'm walking back into night Will I ever find someone to believe? "" This is the last time he saw me, one last time and then ... only Because of all he was very far away then, my heart was too closed ... to be a refuge .... "" Accept the feelings have changed, accept that he had to lose you, accept nothing more between us, I think I'll have to find a place to can heal the scars ... Maybe now things are too difficult for him.

So boys can only hope time will heal all ... Life will still go smoothly , trauma lie ahead in the past ... hope someday when calm returned, he could continue the long days in the future, took away the gloom, sadness behind . ... "Get yourself back to a lost faith "...

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