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Girl No. 15

- A small her innocence. A hot boy he had "poured saw" 14 girls but they've never known love. She is small and 15 of his plan, only it did not all go as he planned ...
first day ...
- You see her there? It looks or you?
- Come thou, it looked like what country? You're about to hire it done Osin you? Classroom full of children that I look beautiful this is? Kill the god or labels of the Army has been eclipsed? Hahaha.

- Shelf cloud will try, but sometimes have to change something! What the hell you rich, but few, small letters, lemon Choe very difficult afternoon, but I do have a ton of it, in addition to a collection of new faces! Bet what?

- As the old you know! A ten food.

- Ok! In the following weeks I will transform her completely. Military sly smile when thinking about the results soon.

Major war every day feeling has returned, the betting missions always makes love with the Korean Army as challenging their ability In a few cases the situation and of course, once the military had a hand then "found immediate critical hit," an unprecedented exception. ...

Date I found the school of his dreams is great, since I was little to cultivate foreign language may someday set foot on school auditorium for Foreign Trade. I know her as his provincial studies would not absorbed in comparison with the city. The knowledge I have will just pick up the debris accumulated only small. The inherent sense of inferiority still around his vicious.

- Hey mate, you're invited to view some documents registered clubs in his well, for I want to see through the house, the first day I went off admission.

- Uh, here! -I am looking absently out the window suddenly startled by the question because you sat next to her.

- I startled him as well, sorry. He enrolled in the club yet?

- Maybe I will not join any club, I see not very qualified, but he?

- I'm sure will be on YRC (research students), because she told me it looks best neat.

She keeps you open to that I found the shells of their increasingly narrow. When the class came in this morning, I saw him roll up the feeling in my heart it's hard to describe. Even when the new class of integration will initially be difficult but it seems so this integration is not possible because I found it too great a distance, look to see just flood his classmates wearing feeling envious, I would not dare register for class officers for fear of laughter is the "like this one that requires leadership." Remember the time my high school too, when I was still a full head of her class leading personalities in the class small child flood mighty.

6 class went fast. Also there is not much, just the familiar teachers and new learning methods, have all their previous studies. Generally not very happy today as I thought, maybe things will be different tomorrow, why. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to brave and accustomed to talking to someone, just fear ...

- Hey mate! Classmates we know, this morning I saw him sitting first row. Math teacher last hour too fast, I did not copy all that back up to see him intently copying, lending me books about offline copy. I promise I'll be back tomorrow, OK?

- Uh, I just copy a little bit, a few seats short for him to translate offline.

- Thanks! I promised to return tomorrow Military ngay_ not forget to enclose a charming smile in the face death honestly scared to play, a smile How did you crazy, it quietly glance towards the school gates waiting Korea as an initial success.

an approach that is done.

wallet South Dam on the shoulder-hand Look at you look at that clear economic, sure that she does not believe new, but look at me the country seemed innocent children, not sure where to five weeks, as I only put the money bet out to see a new model in the collection of the computer.

+ You have to look know that learning you know! Then we have to see my daughter learning conscious. Each child each type, this is the type you must use tactics bookworm school care. I kept looking at that promote, someone like you to do now without you sitting hugging waist. It is true that Korea "eunuch."

Thai Ha became the 15th girls "fall" into the sights of preservatives, and whether she would "collapse"? (Photo)

I did not have to remember that he has the same class or not, but then only slightly shelf did not find any public lending her star. Come what will come, tomorrow others know. That he look into the real world that despite what is also just a notebook full theory, without it you can still do homework. Can be used more as a person. Light yellow sun in the morning light fall of Hanoi famous. "They had come after the old, of which you are you, why have the feeling it" I laughed and suddenly remembered by his friends saying on admission to school when I told her it worries , but why do I find the words to make you hard too my dear.

On the 2nd ...

+ not forget to introduce Yesterday, I was Army and protection. Now he plays this! What name was what?

+ His name is Ha, Thai Ha.

+ It does nothing for me to borrow more books nhé! - And a cute smile again.


Tan study, a further session ended, a bright yellow sun today is that why I do not see anything new. Today I still do not know more than she who sits next to you yesterday. Name what? Hoai Dan, Vu Hoai Dan, a beautiful name and a pretty easy to get along well.

+ Hey, hello! Walk Well, this sunshine, I pass on the car. I know the boy well recently, so do not be anxious about me. I considered his gratitude yesterday to lend me books.

+ No where, I am used to that. You go ahead first.

+ Take away that, I have two children of this helmet, okay. Regarded as more of a classmate who was which.

+ Yes, thank you so then. His home in ...

+ ... This place I'm here.

+ floor little boy? I would give up his seat to take place that morning, which is what I also went to all my questions.

+ Floor 5, is not it a bit higher. When do you need to ask in class also, late, Hi.

+ Yeah, bye. Mai met nhé! Thai Ha.

+ surprised he remembered my full name like that. - Good storage.

Step 2, has said the victory.

On the 3rd ...

this Ha + Hey, I sat next to him is not, there we sat under a small child it too, never heard nothing! What's sitting near me always asking for this article.

+ Custom only, if you want.


+ Back walk you?

+ Yeah, parking is difficult to get home too so I am not always able to walk out.

Up + Pass on my car. Which means sugar. Who goes to your sunshine and discuss this.

+ Thanks nhé Army. But do not mind it.

+ No where clause star (okay)

+ You're really funny.

Step 3, was collected near the gap space.

On the 4th ,...

+ So far from home make children sad ?

+ Yeah at first I found it is normal! Force is the way you make landing lofty religious right.

+, there are plenty, my parents do not care about the title of her head, only he was always my "guy of his grandchildren," tired of all the people. It was like a child again, or Ha, what made it not want to take a ton of pressure, an example for everyone to look at.

+ Ever
yone is suffering all that. Master in lo ...

The inferiority of Ha gradually shrunk since the statement funny sitting next to you, perhaps infectious humor of Army, Vietnam took the initiative to find themselves up a lot, after all, what People who also have cities like Ha channel style where previously thought. If you ignore the girls sitting in the middle class consumption always look in the eyes disdainfully Ha, speaking style, the full number of remaining easy to close. Ha admire the way that forces people to talk to, like a familiar and friendly from the front, one army can also be fun and funny.

+ Quan know many classmates this is not it.

+ Uh most of them the same old school. Several other children in school but did know that junk. Ha is only my first familiar, a new computer, sitting next to him talk is interesting.

Ha flushed face.

Step 4 to create trust and friendly sympathy is over.

April 5 th, .. . the end of week 1.

+ Ha this, you free this afternoon, I wrote an essay offline households. Child to it through that I'm a special meeting this subject. Help me, what will the post the following weights.

+ I'm not sure that writing is good or not. What forces responsible home.

+ Oh, that every blade that session. It's nagging me since yesterday, but today I promise that I will make it then, post office, which he described the pencil, but yesterday I wrote I wrote it like a spoon processing. I do it jubilantly structure.

+ Uh the last time the Army took lightly.


"I have a wooden pencil blue stripes along the body smooth red guys, they often use it to draw pictures ...".

+ Ui or so, well then, tonight I "peaceful" then. Quan Ha ru not going to eat.

+ Back attach as weights for the pencil case. Ban rejected offline.

+ Um, ah, ... then you lose yourself, really, to the following is not. But also late

+ Army on the go, another day nhé.

+ Ha you really well, so be it. Tomorrow night is the 7th or invite her to be no Ha.

+ Maybe his evening was not going to go offline afternoon, Games 4 hours, OK?

4 pm, the cutting forces. There will be a special surprise.

Reporter ride home, but our troops must feel they have somehow won. How children, in the eyes Ha Quan is now a boy learning fun and hard, even a good brother, too. Found myself thinking more and more troops ridiculous and good acting. Under a military agreement with South Vietnam would marry after 4 weeks as a flood in front of your boyfriend during the regular meeting of the Assembly last month. But see if his troops can be completed before the prescribed time limit. Never mind four weeks is 4 weeks, unripe fruit, ripe juice if not tasty.

Step 5, create an invitation to play was a success. ...

I do not want to know his troops are working part time at a restaurant. I do not want their troops despised or misunderstood about the words that I said before. His work not because of their destitute but I just want to try for ourselves, I want to pay for student life view so I do not want to go back every month to withdraw the money my parents sent. How did I find uncomfortable. The only shelves, just as military secrets do not understand what.

On the 6th ,...

+ Then sometimes a little flatter her mother but, more Are women always liked sweets more than men, right? At his father or mother went to work at home alone Military sad.

+ Uh maybe, since her daughter something sweet like that. Military Mom is happy because her son so caring. Durian fruit tea dish is really delicious. Ha look bent down to eat jack, like the grains of buffalo and sparkling cool, warm aromatic smell durian. Quan Ha knew why eat durian?


+ Looking Ha helmets that look like mushrooms, hay, white shirt, red helmet, a mushroom like in cartoons Image of Soy-trum.

+ à Army likes to watch cartoons?

+ Uh, the Army likes to watch cartoons because they like military humor. >. / Ha can not enjoy watching?

+ Ha Cartoons unique as mermaids, but the sad ending, so since then Ha that hate cartoons. Ha love to read stories or watch what he is after more.

+ Hope will have on Army earned a cartoon like that Ha. I go home.

Step 6, a promise, a date.

"I miss home too, remember loved the room, parents remember, remember the wind bells suspended LEng Jingle at the window, remember the shelf is full of his collection is the result. I never new home here. University school was not like I think, is part of the leisure class and people on a distant star. Perhaps, city life makes people rush too familiar a new person is losing too much time. Well, I used to sit next to you is a question very interesting, he has a beautiful smile and clear the name of preservation, sounds like Bao Nam in "Suddenly want to cry." He was quite nice and you might as well talk to their best in class. This afternoon he invited her to eat durian tea, and he tells of his family. I saw a family so happy and full of power. He is a true son of Hanoi type of channel style and he's not more I see him like a friend of his past, always funny and always makes me comfortable ... "Write a few lines entry on a Saturday afternoon of the first week of school, things were slowly flushed sunshine in our hearts. As the gradual separation of the shells open. In addition to the starry sky.

+ Hi Comrades, what then?

+ Good, I was "naive" than I thought, then you will soon see a new model of the apple. - Force a smile on the lips with a look filled with Korean sentiments. - Come out to shop today, where we gather it. I've just fooled me she was going to complete the first year class, as well thought out crime, but rather than sitting at home listening to his old songs every song ever to study abroad.

+ Yeah, but I see why you keep hiding forever the world for him to study abroad?

+ Why I do not want to upset her apple, her father treated me like I was in the house Osin, I thought that if I go then I'll torture her father or me mother chased me out of the house and led me on a lover I can not stand it.

Week 2.

+ weekend than Ha. Nothing or not. I have a book this very interesting looking book Ha this is not true.

+ O, "Fantasy Kingdom", this book shows you where to sell well, I sought to buy without ever earn. You may read, borrow yourself offline.

+ Bonus Ha always, in my old friends that I have this book but it did not like so I would always. As people like to donate a novel supplement on the shelf.

+ Military Thank very much. Ha do not know why the Army so well with Ha, but ... Well thank nhé Army.

Step 6, a true gift preferences.

Week 3.

"The work part time after also quite interesting, I train at least be able to communicate with people better and more active, I could improve both the Japanese capital is free because this Japanese restaurant, so foreigners are also quite large.


Fantasy Kingdom is located right on the desk, the Army gave her. I have to be the obvious wisdom gifts from other people, indeed I can not refuse this gift, it's so true desires. Only in a chat at the Army can remember, do not know how to thank troops there. I still know so little about him ... "

+ à Army, he gave this as the Kingdom thanks to Virtual Army. I do not know much about animation but I found it vaguely.

A soy- trum soft cotton, dark blue is gradually paper. Army was really touched, because she only ever knew Army was like soy - trum of the mother does not want her to like things Military a "daughter" so she should never donate, you rich, but we always played together, the Army does not kno
w her, but we know it will not even interested in such a gift. It's too "small".

+ Uh, thank you very much Ha. I gave the book Ha Ha do not have to like this. So if there is not too fair.

+ I was just passing by and saw it so I purchased and donated military only. Do not think too much so.

It was the Army because it did not pass the Ha feel like feeling defeated. Army will find yourself lost if any further implementation of this plan. Army found themselves a new victim, not Galaxy. All it does is only ever to plan, the Army did not have children girls, it's just an excuse to invite troops can go eat tea and Ha Ha that is a brother Army "virtual" how well. How many times have conquered another, the Army realized girls often want a his brother and wanted to love oneself is a good brother. Quan Ha book is donated to ingratiate himself with Vietnam, which was lucky because the Army found a book that Korean girls. Army bought 10 times the value truth of the story to favor girls Korean Army. Army has been investigating Ha blog is like eating durian and do something that's happened. All, all just a plan. The heart Military pride not to give up. Army that requires alertness rather than things can be in control. Still another week of that. Army has vowed never to love anyone, because the military feared his father would like , to make someone wait at night for his drunken, late night, then I like to serve a king, heard her scolding, and he must cry for her.

Army decision must use other staff.

end of week 3.

"Yesterday my secret crush, who ..." English as the phone rang pile blankets.

+ Ha ah, the Army here. There is no salvation? Go with a little army was not.

+ Uh, ok a little bit more because Ha Ha by appointment.

+ Uh so fast, thanks Quan Ha buy gifts that help her mother.

+ I'll be down soon.

On the way, both children encounter rain, the rain suddenly. rushing and haze. In each trunk with a military raincoat always give back to Hanoi.

+ Army on its drying room to dry hair was then let on, I'll pack gifts, most of it wet.

+ but not afraid. I waited a while to finish and I will pack Ha on always.

+ Rooms Ha Nhi aromatic tidy, right girls room. This odor must not smell of mint.

Ha're cutting a piece of wrapping paper to wrap back to the Army. A very beautiful embroidered silk coat color brick as premature but told the Army that her favorite color Army - Uh, I saw this sky using scented wax that will cool and more comfortable. finished here.

+ Thanks then, the Army is always here.

+ Send birthday greetings to your offline Ha.

found in our military really is not comfortable at all, even though everything is going well. Army is seen as taking advantage of his Age.

afternoon rain is still persistent, midnight then it stopped completely. Goat milk fragrant flowers arc rushed to the window, the cool sun room smelled like peppermint smell Military evening. The screen is 3 missed phone calls and 2 messeg. All this is of "15." This is a girl's 15th Army.

Messeg1: "Q on the temple, still raining to be careful, when do I get home to pack yourselves Q"

Messge2: "Q has not arrived home a, Ha very worried."

smiling bitterly. He thought, if not acted this time the real cost. Army thought 'wear it was time to hit the shelves last week will not, to somewhat hastily, "there really be a little cold, but it is the motto of the Army will never love anyone.

+ Ha Well, I'm home for a long time, but a little busy helping her mother should not forget to call the Galaxy. arrive home Uh garment that is dry coong gifts. My mum really likes gifts. I have to thank Ha + and maintenance on any Galaxy to play it.

+ What is good enough, I do not like doctors worried. Some day I'll play to the army.

+ I, "Oh this, well that only.

+ What is this, the Army saying goes?

uh, I, Ha only go to sleep.

+ Why every Army that is why, tell me, because I need help something?

This + Ha, I love Ha, Ha do you want your girlfriend is not trying to say it .- halting voice and hurried as to create confidence, to last sentence is not too smooth. But indeed it is from it says that is why the "love" rather than saying "I love you" slip straight every time.

then + Army sleepy, cards, greeting! Ha also worry about something. Talk later. ... tut tut tut ... ...

Just as military thought, Ha will lose sleep tonight. But the Army also found himself lying on counting clock until 3am.

Oh what's this, this is why, say Army the baby. He was probably kidding yourself. Watch your ordinary small-town girl just like any other star. Army may very likeable but he is not for you. He was the eldest son of a rich and power, released him as general manager of a large company, he is smart and funny, he is the son of Hanoi, around how much he has surrounded her. He regarded himself as but ... what the long dreamless sleep until a new call bell clock that woke Ha. A new week begins so hard.

Week 4.

Ha bent grams off the table, trying not to look around, it sees everything as the first day back to school. inferiority, guilt and all that worse. It shows loss embarrassment and did not know how to face Army. He comes and goes.

Today both kids never said a word. prohibit bent on teaching a "listless." Ha found it hard to say really, the story becomes boring to do it. But the Army wants to talk to at the end of time, then things could be easier.

+ Ha Oh, conversation yesterday, I'm serious.

+ I do not want to think twice about it. Army just see myself not as a joke, I know the Army saw himself as a kid home country and the Army say that to see with Hà à alluring or not. Army wrong. It all makes Quan Ha, Ha are very grateful. But Ha said the Army is probably doing you with Vietnam over.

+ Ha I do not think so. The Ha Quan really pleasant to see that. Why so self-deprecating re Ha, Ha is a nice girl, smart and very good study, more than Ha again is her first friend outside forces interested in the military what they like and want and be the first to hear things are not what the Army. I do not want us just normal because you feel so Army Ha beside the need as a girlfriend, because there are things buddy just can not understand it. Quan Quan said Hanoi would think its a joke, but the Army will take the time to failure for Vietnam Think again. The answer I waited Ha.

Ha did not say a question, step back away. Today the sky bright yellow sun in my heart it shows how cluttered and distracting . Maybe Army're right, it was too self-deprecating or so. But it does not think he could make his girlfriend's Military, it is feared will be felt for easy scrotum and ridicule "why a country as her home you can make your girlfriend's Military Security ", it scared all. It felt like the sound that is beating on his head. What it really in love with important military and what it wants Army talk. sentence by his old friend again jeopardized wine: "They had come after the old, of which you are you, why have the feeling there." Quan called

- Alo, Ha was thinking done yet.

- Army! Actually, this is very difficult for me, and I find myself not as the first military said. Perhaps we are better than you.

- I believe in my outlook, Ha is the person that you want to do Army. I do not want to talk much about his thoughts again.

+ If so, ...

+ Ha has accepted to assume nhé. Good night.

So it was a success, from now until last week it will slowly release flood Ha you. This success makes it fun above all else the success. And the first time it shows they must really love Ha. ... Maybe I

is not it true tha
t material.

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