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The girl "Rap Center" conquer your guy

in search of the "other half" has cost you do not know how much "sweat and tears." But there was the guy's heart and does not mean you will have him forever, because she always had the "Rap Center" conquer your guy.
The ex

This is the number one suspect in the" black list "your reason" is to invite old love. " An intimate message, a phone call asking you to also make "crazy" up because of jealous.

What type of person I do not recall some old memories, a few words of love they have for each other that day. It is important that the guy's feelings for you now, right? If your guy is only a relationship with "the ancients" as a friend, leave immediately jealous thoughts off the top and think how to bring joy to the "people" of you.

But if you found out that the two were still friendly with each other awls vinegar without you, beware!


He is also very easy your emotions that arise with her colleagues. So why is not every day when they are side by side: the same meetings, to lunch together, and working, sharing success or difficulty, failure ... Maybe you and he has deep love, but not limited circumstances, "the fire is burning near the long straw."

However, be alert to distinguish where the working relationship and personal relationship, lest you accidentally lose love beautiful nurtured nhé!

She friend

They had a long friendship since level 3, level 2, or even a kindergarten level. Maybe she called him when your need to share, when he needed a "xe om" ... but if you do not find concrete evidence, then also please do not worry.

He and she makes you long to know each other and the world, but not without cause that he has chosen you. So be happy and friendly to her. She will be a "lever" to you "beautiful" in the eyes of men there!

A new friend

The old instruments have a saying "boys love eye contact" and "preferred to conquer." So a girl with a "stunning" or a "style not - like - you" see the birthday party, in English class or even inadvertently seen on the street is also very easy to make the god men smarting gas and "heat stroke".

He "saved" time for you, a little message, indifferent attitude ... In this case, let's go to him more than offline. Because he is so able to "close" she did it!

Do not be angry jealousy when not needed. It is important that you have to know how warm my love, for despite her lover no matter how old, colleague or even someone you do not know to "Rap Center" robbed "him of you shall love your beautiful forever remain passionate.

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