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My love! He is known for such children even though she no longer loved by him.

Today is a holiday for all women in this world. Day that the street looks beautiful women and everybody better every day. The day that all men like him were all on hand to describe the flowers, the very special gift for mom, sister, brother, friend and the woman they love. And you, what do you want me to donate? sure you do not have anything where you? He has won your heart, the sincerity of his gift to her without receiving it with me all the gifts from where he would become meaningless is not it?

Today I pretty much do you know? I see you want to tell her why he does this but can not speak a word. Enh want to wish you a few sentences in it which is why I can not tell. Yeah right! he really is a shock since you said that we should break up for many reasons from the children. Although I understand and respect but I still can not forget you and go back to normal is.

As she walked past him, still smell it emitted a long, silky hair children. The smell of hair that you told me to take it from Quang Binh to make me come here in search of stars found forever without any kind of shampoo your hair like the smell. How can you find me right? It was the smell of my own no one has been. The scent that has made him unforgettable children. Remember too, the time is threaded through the hair of my arms and then he tried to inhale the scent was taken for fear of not smell your hair. Had the habit then it is difficult to change is not it? Scent makes me go through his feelings of love rushed back to him. Why do not you change your hair smells to help him pain every time you walk past him? Or you still remember me? Although she did not say but the way I look at me, I can understand him do not you forget me, right?

Maybe you're right to say that we should be far apart, the new could forget each other. He said that if he would have to go away because she is a girl to start would be very difficult. But she said the stubborn "I'll be gone." Because me love is something more important than career, if love is not the career for you will no longer mean anything. Will you go? I always worried about his children will encounter something bad on the road of life. Even though he was not brought happiness to me to end my life but I still hope you are happy with a new lover. I was one of many girls he had ever seen the rain, but she is hot midsummer, a pig may wind flickered across his life made him an unforgettable memory forever.

I want to give me a beautiful bouquet, or at least test is a blessing really cute but he was not the guts to do it. He would give you my sincerity hope you receive.

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