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I want to start this story from day two ... Once upon a time Once upon a time ... has a rich, very rich. Wealth begins a chance - back then, when he was a poor boy just looking forward to eating it, he was a nice take on the raising and feeding study. He often tells this story for children to hear him laugh, but you think this is just one of his moral lesson only.

Very busy but week, too, he spent an evening out dressed as a normal working and walking. Say walk, but he actually seek out those who need help, even thief refused because he did not think that knowing where your help will be an opportunity for those who want total wages.

One winter night, as usual, he went on the road. Across the park to stop because he saw the look of a guy did you least brain too. Along with the clothes show poverty is huge highway despair.

- Hey you, what's wrong?

question his quiet guy makes shudder. Shivered in the darkness of winter night that his tender heart would hurt. He really knows his limits. Money, he does not lack. A job, he is willing to open their plants to anyone who needs a job. But if an illness is serious ... He used to give people money not to have that dream life is to buy a coffin.

- I can not tell me why?

guy voice full of tears:

- I love ...

A, he can understand. Sometimes a passionate young love, but her father prevented by certain boys a challenging spiritual family wedding? He smiled:

- I'll give you all the girls want.

- Not ... No one can be - desperate guys voice.

- I can.

answer your confidence and assertiveness he only makes boys more bogged down in bitterness:

- Mr. Sun can not do anything. Tonight, she and her appointment last met here. Then ...

now his turn to shudder - then ...

- But what is not? - He demanded.

- her parents did not require anything in addition you must bring home to visit her parents.

- Er, married a very demanding challenge. As it is, if the girl ask her son to give it to us, we know what to do when her mother died long ago.

- Not so - the boy cried out - I do not know who his parents. Which naturally grow up ... Natural that the world ... How do they dare to marry a girl who did not have the original analysis?

He put his hand on the shoulder and the boy felt the full weight of the laden life on the shoulders of this silk premature. Having tiptoed footsteps approached and a girl appeared. Although she was wearing a coat of winter and filled with wool hat down to cover half the face obscured, he realized she was beautiful and how much suffering. He clearly seemed surprised to see her on the dark matter. A thought crossed ... He smiled:

- Hi baby.

She brought a hand to her mouth to hide amazing cry, while boys are shocked. He was also touched more than the couple:

- If you wow two children had a father like me. oOo

The wedding took place very happily. Parents increasingly precious bride groom because his father is not only polite but also very knowledgeable, he talks about the manual labor job as a lifelong bond with it.

But worth mentioning is the story after the wedding. A visitor to the party then on was common, but this is the father of the groom. Look what you dare to say a couple words in the eye is filled with happiness, he can not do anything other than play their full role. Visiting relatives and fishing nets into the sea together ... His son is not the sea's very awkward, but that does not make fun decline.

It took a week to the office he was not working.

Then everything ended smoothly. Newly married couple off his attachment from a fishing village to town and from here he will be on board. At this time no one, only three people together, no need to play. But how can vocative other anymore?

- We offer parent.

- Offer two children.

The Return of him as both companies dive music. Who thought he had an accident, the loss of body, who thought he was kidnapped and is waiting for phone calls for ransom. Someone whispered that his children are looking for a will ... oOo

He has a meeting every week on the road to search for and share with the unfortunate. As cotton is a warm blanket for those who are trembling, when they remove the ring on the hand given the suffering ...

A year passed, winter came. One evening, after passing the park, he suddenly heard the happy call:

- I greet you!

He realized immediately that the guy any day. Although the face can not remember all the people he helped, but this guy is a special anniversary: ​​no one asked him a similar way.

- Hi baby.

- What a day today here as well. Look forward to seeing his son.

- What for?

- newborn baby and wife. His grandfather, grandmother invited to celebrate New baby.

hopeful voice guy also very hesitant. It is where he wants to meet an old man accidentally a bit too much! After this, open his eyes to see the astonishment of the boys rushed him to right:

- I also specified that if not met, the father would tell his grandmother is his grandfather was seriously ill.

- No one wants to seriously ill people who are both, son - he said with a bright smile on the lips - the grandson donated Know What gift?

oOo Grandparents weddings joy when he arrived. Have to say, a few small fishing village where guests far. Not just happy that his grandparents as they celebrate the fun. Today this house invited him to eat a meal, invite other home tomorrow ... And so he came home last always. The first time was after the wedding, and this is his second is how many people offer that is not something to rely. They cook the fresh fish, shrimp rare in winter and very happy to see his appetite; to celebrate his grandson happy little contempt, celebrate his daughter are healthy, happy son, he should face macho fishing village, so only. They do not know who he was, so no extra labor, not trying to make him happy, no gestures, no waiting quietly observe his frown was quickly replaced other dishes served, not prepared at this point to this and little bit more then the other ... All capital is really as simple as that. He ate and drank wine extract it to a plastic can be purchased for all people to drink.

lane He took a deep breath of salty sea air, offering a heart that's hard to describe the joy and pride he felt seeing eye people look at my son talks about his . Just one year alone he has become one of the best sailing of this fishing village. There is a good boy macho side is not easy, he understood this deeply.

- Free nhé he visited her.

statement and the ones waving to his emotional attachment. He felt guilty when the human soul lies behind such sincerity. But know I do? Especially when all are very happy. All, yes! Night in the comfort of your villa, he suddenly remembered the slightly salty fish, eat saltwater fisherman. Doctors say his kidneys will be annoyed if he eat meat, but why then he was not supposed to see such pain? How could he have eaten a delicious all? oOo

Until one day ... Bi her tiny hands around his neck, mouth, babbling as "Mr. Oh dear ..." then he found he was not there just for boys, not because of fate accidentally responsibility arrangements. He came here because I want myself. Each time the key to her cheek Bi married, his belief that our surge strange emotion. Toddler stumbling steps into the doorway, child cried he raised his hands towards trust.

He wants the baby all the comforts that his grandson is entitled to but had not dared to bring anything other than fishing village cookie bags, towels, wool, milk ...

He was afraid. Yes, he was afraid ...

If you know he is a billionaire, then what happens? A vast gap pushes the human spirit behind the headlines away from the fishing village collective, lonely for his own party with all rules, there are rules he must accept the rules and has his own set. More than that, they will know what his children are like. And ... would like to place on the day of his passing, stereotyped words, the design of reverence and benefit calculations. The worst was the son and his bride will change, money and power will change everything, so he too clearly.

No, to have moments of calm in this fishing village, home to this cozy, he still only be a grandfather. He felt the first twinge of beautiful gift to the baby that had to Bi only. Looked at her for playing with pebbles, seashells, the lid with tin box ... he decided when he reached school age will tell you the truth and put her in a most prestigious school. oOo

Not done, he promptly fell ill. Critical that the press and television coverage every day and released predictions for the future of the business that he built thick.

the fence around his person: to protect, and colleagues, doctors, lawyers, reporters, the heir of the first, distant relatives, they were close ...

rare sober moment, he calmly convey what is needed and the last is the family's small fishing village. Issued command is completed, he pray to god for his life ended before she could not see. But wait a second he's not at all. Immediately appear on their doorstep. Meaning they had at his side long ago. How do I get into his villa in this moment? It is not easy, but if people are always eager to have a certain way. He found a warm heart. Means they have recognized him! About you ...

- You know it started? - He asked weakly.

- wedding date has been recognized ... physician. Such well-known doctor, especially so ...

- Please call me by his father as often.

He said and felt happy. Yes, happy. And regret.

- Father not do for you and your baby has - his voice just a whisper sound - but we have a gift ...

- father had given me a lot of it - the boy choked.

- I did not do anything ... - His voice weak and full of regret - If you know me realize who we are, we might have ...

- Father for giving me a gentle wife, my father gave me the memories of his grandfather, my father gave me a fishing village as his home ... - The boy cried - father had given me a life.

dying man's face lit up strokes surprised. He wants to say something but do not keep up ... Pressure boys face tears in the palm of my life has changed from a dark winter. Back with her baby in his arms open to Bi pair of goggle, her last memories of his grandfather on his face was pale bloom closed smile.

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