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The gift he wants in the new year

wallet, all, scarves, Caravat or dinner at a favorite restaurant you can not be satisfied by what he longed in my heart. Sometimes men do not present the material in the spirit. Meet a few things yourself, you have to give him the most significant gifts the new year.

- do not force him to see a movie twice

Only action movies, soccer, golf or tennis charismatic enough guy sitting in front of TV for a long time. The comedy, emotions can only be viewed during smooth one. So, do not repeat the scene, you are also happy he is Tiu nghiu.

- Make him a plate of french fries

yelling, cheering, shouting is typical behavior of men watching your favorite team play. Urgent, food cravings while not want to miss a moment, then he would drive his wife out a concrete hot potatoes to the table.

- Stop praised the Justin Timberlake

You guys see this young artist's model as the ideal man to get married. But now, a husband with a full bad habits are still inside your heirs. He's upset because he was compared, to hear any praise for a guy that handsome young. Do not get bored with this guy.

- Try Kama Sutra way he has chosen

Percentages show the room, you took forever just under a style. Amazing boredom out before, this time he wanted to partner testing something new. Make him happy by trying to obey his instructions.

- Along Games

Despite a wife, children properly, he still enjoyed this childlike joy. Once involved with him to know how it attractive.

- Stop painting the prospect of marriage and children

No being "trapped" he still likes wool cotton, gathered and led to other girls. XY do not like faction always hear songs about "The house and the kids' future.

- To him out with her boyfriend Assembly

The boy when gathered together often prefer a private space, no appearance of a woman. If he would let you go out with a bunch of his best friend, so happy and do not agree to any questions.

- Do not repeat the question again: "You are not fat "

Over and again, he is like a machine that automatically replies:" No they are great. " Try to limit fatigue for men.

- You do not wear hat, Santa Claus

Slightly sexy, mysterious Hide, who led him to desire a romantic night of love and passionate.

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