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Get up, stretch and next steps

-" Singapore. 6 months "- Linda hung theater burned to the manual, according to routine events recorded since the second grade II ... The flying hours, a guy suddenly startled. Throbbing hearts to strangers.
to the strange blue sky, white clouds flying in clusters, so far. Han took full stretch chest uncomfortable smell of grass and then copy the mouth sighed. The sky is not of it, this smell is not of it.

"Singapore. 6 months "- Linda hung theater burned to the manual, according to routine events recorded since the second grade. It looked a picture book orange cat in his arms, silently cursing the child does not know anything, knows it hates cats, but also bring the gift of its debt. Aw. Where natural tear each other to implement, it does not cry out loud, each hot tear, rolling racing, but absolutely no hiccups. It's powerful, it can do is cry, not tears where, just too tired eyes, so ...

way that 2 hour flight, a guy suddenly startled. Throbbing hearts to strangers. Chinh Minh could not understand why. It really brought that vast heart, like 6 months now, it's not a day off all day.


7 months ago - NHH "two buckets cun" - hour fitness

- You! I'm thirsty!

- Canteen near spray lo!

- But I like to drink the water you buy! It is a strange position - he smiled, closed eyes narrowed guy friend "seeds sometimes bitten, half begging, half not flatter.

- Well this game you go there, I do not have to is it the "tail" the other, in vain, you know!!!

- Go .. go .. Han .- voices that long.

- None. I've said no, no! - Minh intense, the stomach turned to see some playing ball, all of it is waiting for you.

- Hey Hey, I can shift this afternoon with you Su, I will ... - now might have voice "superior"

Listen to Su, Ming limp, use of weapons was top secret then, how is the road to escape. Which is strange since, in addition Minh out there who knows Linda is "disguised advertising rabbit" no words. Visit relatives together since 6th grade, now 12 courses, 6 years but do little. It witnessed many of her trick you. Everyone outside thought Bao Han looked the other gentle, the other beautiful, gentle, the other of that ... it only knows the anecdote may faint guys are applying to the tail of the Bao-Han-beautiful. Your child

it, in grade 6 has volunteered as the captain of the football class, because the reason "no-you-do-rock-or-more-children" but rather , that year, it won the class with the head of the Han. Han class representative at his receipt, copy Minh sat under his mouth, "This sure is not the daughter." Han and Ming, also close because of the spleen chach mischief, of the daughter's right trokhong. He sat next Minh at the end of class, because two kids have a height superior to the other. There are times, Ming brings to class a shiny new MP3 is brother to study the "ceded." MP3 is a great thing at that very, very little has been in the class. 2 children die hung music all day, "you're a disaster, creating a disaster." Today he living now in charge, are listening to "Friend Forever" by Spice Girl, Michelle quietly inspired by a high, slightly larger one doubts. She went down to the last grade homeroom, Minh quickly hid only in pairs Mp3 DC, two little ears on the headset is still suspended. Teacher, belonged to the table, holding headphones to ask if two kids do. Minh afraid to sweat beads, stuttered words not tell, you've heard it a poise "you're a doctor do for you my dear." The class rolls out laughing cow, the teacher must also be a mischievous smile before the Han. Forgive her for two children.

Level 2 passing, 2 kids in the schools of each county, not half-step apart. I always kid on flares Han, beautiful, a "hot" girl of the school. Study well, pretty sociable again, chasing a target of the guy. I do not know how many times do have to pity the boys dove for you it, Han Bao send something, the other. Sometimes, it thought it owed a previous life this kid loss, this existence è pay back the compensation. Story not over yet, I do not have to be pleased where Su, both of Han hard in class. Su is the polar opposite of Han, Su gentle, quiet, in the Su people feel very safe. Su Minh prefer long, but what say, just have to see Su Han spying like to eat anything, drink anything for longer .. afford 2.

Last Year 12. Schedule stress and dense. Stuffy air, the burden placed on the parents sometimes make me become crusty, nasty. At times like that, Han cup down on the first guy you face buckled up, "What do you want? But I have to drain the tank first street. " If the other person, I'm sure will be really angry. But other Han. Only a mischievous kid Han knows I do not like the other school of Medicine to implement the family tradition. I like music. Minh immersed in new music yourself. Han also has a new audience first, which is also the only hearing Minh Minh road and singing songs written specifically increased. I have not dared to say.

Then also result university. Minh beans. Su beans. Han dropped.

There results, Han silent. does not believe his eyes. It is true it is. Phan Bao Han. Proper notice of the name of it - 2303. Why the drop? He always stood at the top early in the school, teachers hope Michelle is not the university park, which is the science, science Asia. He can not fail. impossible. He saw her on a news report, "The Falls" and then shutdown.

Minh seeing the results, the belly is still silently cursing your child to see the cunning alone, I guess this is happy hour somewhere and then screaming. The phone rang. No. mother Linda. Minh happy news, only to hear his voice lost both his mother away. "I congratulate her. Good baby too, "Minh surprised, regrets hear his mother sobbing cry," I dropped it Han. It's gone. She could not find. She died Minh dear "Minh was stunned. Can not be a Han. He can not fail. Impossible. It quickly and calmly told his mother promised to find him on.

Minh Han called for continuity, it loads only voice emotionless, monotone "subscribe ..." It immediately wanted to smash the phone. These seats are already familiar Minh away, two little cafe is seen as "the house", where lush green lawn in the luxury villa where he likes, because it wanted to have houses like that in the future; Su home, his friends house. we were all there. Minh panic, and anxiety. Han is not a place or to which it is not known. Your little of it, as it evaporates into the air.

hopeless. 11 hours of the night. nearly a day goes by. Where's Linda? Minh wander, seeking out another place to place. Anxiety and panic.

phone has a message. "I Rock CD store. I'm carrying on with "

Both these zones, only one shop rock disc. Minh reporters like flying.

It's your child, sitting before the door pillow collection have closed shop. Intelligent anti-vehicle, run into. How much blame, it also wanted to vent out. But looking at big round eyes, lips curved up the challenge, it's quietly sitting down next.

Han alert to the difficulty, as normal as it was going to play on, call me to pick. Face it does not seem to be collapsed or tired. But because the City, so it is understood, Han is how much pain. It's just soothing.

"Just hop on, I put on, I notice your mother today to the apple you sleep with me I Na, I guess you may also want to" Han looked

Minh eyes, wide smile to the parotid parentheses. But it's cheeks, tears rolling down two rows. It has tried to strong all day,
nothing to beat it. It's rock music all day, his mouth looked at the copy shop owner to try out the smaller disk to another disk. Do not eat anything, just close your eyes, wearing headphones. It included 100 employers, insurance does not get any discs, just want to hear it. He nodded and then returned it, sigh. Lost in the children find this music would have to meet very big shock.

Sitting in the car Minh, Linda feel free to face on his shoulder, even tears. But it does not hiccup sound. Its silence and tears. Minh put it through the end of this path to another path. Deserted streets. 2 children throw the ball on the ground.

Two weeks later. Pleased to report it to Singapore to study. Children dry diaphragm, as reported it to travel somewhere and then be on it. Asked why, Han smiled. "I made three apple losing face. He asked the star. I asked to study. So go. " Minh did not believe it. You turned to look small, it puts a heart, he knew at that price .. heart that it is told, it's going to lose this precious life

Tan Son Nhat Airport. Crowded and bustling. Pleased to go, only parents, Su, and Ming went off. Han announced coldly, pushing me into the baggage check in, his eyes hidden behind dark glasses, is clearly not happy or sad. Han het continuous mother, hugging me, crying as if to faint. Su also cried. Han is looking defiant streak know what it was. It kept on chasing people, cut it off her hands, grinning. Wide smile to the parotid. It urged her father put on, it sharply with her mother, "I go to school but have gone to die that." By the time only 3 children. Su Han hug, took Minh, second hand baby it, put together, laughed and said "peace of mind is gone"

============= ================================================== ======

Han entered the isolation room without look back. It is best to just this minute only. Make the last thing, for it loves to be happy. It injured Minh long time, but it is known, can only make new friends can next to Minh. How many people speak, it declined, not because of a high order, as often teased Minh. Because it has a special place in it. It chose to make friends and for that reason. Pamphlet hug the cat Minh donated to heart. It quietly cry. This time it stepped up to time. It hates cats. Cats look weak, people always have to be protected. It's different, it's powerful, it will walk away with his legs.

Minh Su to let go. Oh, quite, it knows that I lost the most important thing. The sense of peace Su, just the feeling of a girl he wanted to protect it. It was her boy who injured stubborn, courageous, always surrounded by a dozen boys without taking a look at him. "Because they do not match with me," Han told the world. The brand is it loud so that her boy was silent, sitting dreamily listening to it offline, hear it sing. It was her boy who was injured in the insulating layer of glass and then the other.

Su smiled. Minh Su were also interested in a long time. But the daughter, known intuitively for Minh Su was not for her. Minh Su eyes look very gentle, but when looked at Linda, his eyes full of joy that is carrying mask and eye cover. They say, an outsider looking easier, clearer. Su looked out, but Su Han jealous. Han people are always aware and ready to welcome. Su always been known only to the name of "friends-of-Bao-Han Su selfish, to keep his greatest secret, I would have thought the City.

= ================================================== ==================

Han startled. It's a long time to fall asleep so? Maybe cry a lot too, it does not know when asleep. That, since the country is also strange, that people who sleep outside the park where everyone else said anything. Passing. Cold and emotionless. In Vietnam it, sure people came to see him, see if there was anything or not. It laughed at my thoughts. Same action, but when people see it as an attitude of "many things", it thought it was "concerned." It used to live in warmth, in love in the Vietnamese-of-it. He stood up, stretch. Book falls to the ground. Han quickly picked up, phủi phủi loved book, it shows thin skewers familiar character in the last page. Boss.

À Petit, I know you (this place was striking out) replaced by "Minh said he never turned to the last page of the book, because he sure something must have sequence, before a following. Why I had to flip out if the outcome of how it is, why not wait a natural evolution, so new, so I wrote here, "Han copy mouth. This month, learn what role this particular Sen does not know where. It read, "Minh buy this book on the day that he will go away from school, because Linda is so sure Han will stand up, stretch, and the next step. Because it is limited to smile always on their lips, a smile would be empty parentheses. Because of the limited life in their hands, no dead-end street, which was the turning point, the road to success seemed to go away but will come again. As Minh Han should choose this cat. Han like it. Outwardly weak, fragile but has a strong heart unexpectedly. The cat seldom give much objective, it decided to fight together. But Han ah, when tired cat, it also obediently lies dormant, it allows the powerful to rest, it allows the person next to comfort, soothe it.

Han again cry. Can not be private. It cried twice on the same day. 6 months, it does not communicate with anyone outside the family. Proving it does not pick up the phone call, email it does not answer. Through her counsel proving it is not. It's defiant, stubborn because it feared it if my voice heard, it is no longer the courage to confront the loneliness anymore. It is fear alone. The month long day, it was unsafe because people know his side, it was going to quit. Su proving it. View it is proving just friends only.

2 days later, she called the phone asking to send her to eat, have your mom there to party. Han mouth copy protection only. It truly miss her cooking food well, eat so many additional things. But it scared her a ride extremely hard work, we again troublesome. Mom told him rent a private address space, to bring people household.

Today is "home food" to its future. It just came home from school, do not roam the park as before. It vibrates the phone railing. Message to. Han o dau? Lay down by the ne "- strange as well, new to your mother that has both digital and mobile.

step down the stairs. Linda was stunned. Minh in front of it, smile empty parentheses, characteristic of two children. Minh in the flesh. It suddenly did not say anything. Just stand by Minh spoke to a taxi driver, thanks for lending your phone.

Accessories Minh to take things at home. Han did not believe I am right here. Minh dang here. No explanation, Minh quietly taking food out, demanding to find a place to eat reheated for hot Han. Linda cried. Minh put all the furniture back, hugged her friend, to lean his head on his shoulders.

After he went, I realized that her kid is a vital part. And it is also important, Han dare, dare to walk a different path to success. Minh determined to pursue his favorite music, silent recording, to record, send to the art school in Singapore. The dossiers are received, the 70% level of scholarship. Minh talk frankly with their parents for help, and was agreed.

Han based on their shoulders. These days there will be no more long and sorrow. Two people were riding on a path, the path of dare to dream, dare to hope and strive to turn this dream into reality.

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