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"Forbidden fruit" of my friend

I think many do not know whether to post the story ... can not say this is another sad, sad story by or rather the pain of life that my friends have the right taste. Actually, now I do not know what to do anymore, I feel completely stuck. Let me change the name of the characters in this story, I just hope if you have read it, please understand me, because I only want good for you and look forward to sharing with you this pain, a pain is not easy to forget, may I say it will follow you through life as a life lesson your first line.
"rings, the phone rang ... I also know who called me, the method but also one more, as I call it five minutes ago. Just found it eerie:
- Later I called back to you offline!
I'm angry, barely said:

- Yeah!

I had in mind the phrase " The most formidable "for it is the Mai, two kids ... It's frustrating not to where the most frustrating, it borrowed money my mother a month ago - a million and far to run at something for Mai ..." Learning with the ball "I think the Plum school do not understand what else?

I put down a bowl of rice, run right to your phone:

- Hello!

Language Method mumble in your computer, trying to stretch my ears to hear:

- You know what?

- Yes, I do not then who ? so ever met her two children to me so much, you know that your mother ... I'm very frustrated and do not you?

I do it on your haze, still hated the voice of mumble Method:

- I know, eyebrow've heard me say.

I is nearly identical:

- What, tell me. them ... you make me so mad and then, I was mortified with her apple. You think I'm a kid I ah, to hear them tell you presented you?

The'll tell you why

- You understand me, they're turning me here. Black too, was not mechanically money at the bus station took a long time to pay your mother. We dare so but I do. I ask you, heard me say this. ... The Mai it was crazy. It is crazy here.

- ????????

- Now that it no longer necessary What's more, it just wanted to die!

I'm sarcastic, Dop pay:

- A, is that so. Well, I'm up for it tomorrow ... I bought some rat poison baits for comfortable drinking it. Just do not be afraid of the liver only.

The Method laugh eh blowing in the machine, it bullies me:

- You're really all levels it! I'm not joking, you know that ...

silent for a moment, hesitated as long as it does not want to say again, I'm impatient:

- Talking to go but! what's wrong? What's wrong? But I found it very strange you these days?

The continued

- Mai was "the other old" trick then! yesterday it received a strange message girlfriend message is: "Hi, are you a girlfriend Quang not? you know who I am there? would say that my girlfriend or rather say I'm his fiancée that roughly .......", message that girls like. Mai then message back telling her to lie, so do not joke, then two people arguing and finally told her it was "See you outside to talk Mai fair."

The next day Mai to Rice she did not suspect his presence there Quang, Quang both Mai and the unexpected. But Mai is calm to sit face-girl of his fiancee, ultimately, everything was clear, he recognized the other girl is ... "fiancée" of him. Mai shocked , do not say any more ...

I was a total surprise, just over two weeks ago on my home loan Mai mom money it is a breeze with my mom new lover, well-acquainted the month is over, "You told me that also wants to marry me as soon as engine, so the idea his uncle ah ..." again just to see my mother said so, since that day I was not in Hanoi.

In Hanoi today, when she said I just laughed so sure "it yeah, Mom!, then a month later it sure is ... a new love for that view." Because it's childish, it is less than I was 2 years old, but it looks more mature than I am, I praise it so often in front of me.

following method I know of what I just said breeze listening ear sometimes, I tell him:

-Ok, so tomorrow it's my place to watch stars, mai method is to light. Hope it ... okay.

Speaking but really that's all I know now how Mai suffering, but suffering more when I knew that Mai was ... not a girl anymore, Mai was "forbidden fruit" not sweet at all. I do not understand why Mai has become like this? Mai but why? How the question in my spell rotation.

Mai but I know that little giddy, but not so have fun, damaged, not everyone accepted the invitation to speak as well as love easily. Yet just a minute ... easy, you have ... I also blame myself, as I have no heart you did not find out what you do? The talk today I heard that first love is the beauty of Mai "Army" is gone forever in an accident, so that it told me was: "Army to go to the South and worked with his father." It hides his own pain, but do not tell me.

I think the mistake but said Phuong, Phuong me repeat "Army lost then you, sir, because he Quang Mai that looked like Army, being so distant and Mai ... I also really do not understand why it's the same thing again. Only after that it shows that headache after sex is finished, it also invites me to a doctor again. But not seek medical conditions, it said to him cry I just want to die to complete, it has lost all, the most valuable it was handed and the other crooks. "

The also say a lot but I do not have to be on top again, I just want to know the mood of this Mai? I do not know when his party, he said something sweet, or at his strength is his grasp "because the same troops" should ... make Mai also told him about the first love of Mai. Phuong said just sad to see the phone - "You ah, Mai Mai told him as they were together in the image of Quan Mai was not enough to reason to resist, Quan Mai love very much, love forever. At Mai also mentioned that Army as a beautiful but sad memories alone .... "

Mai Oh! for his sorry a thousand times sorry for not being in the Mai Mai as you need. It do not thoroughly understand what Mai had to tell me, why not tell their stories Mai troops have died but, why go back to acting like that? We are friends but !!!!!!!

Even now I have put thousands of questions are also pointless, things were then. I just want to see that guy give him a lesson. He took advantage of her innocence and faith Mai's information to satisfy selfish ego and his dirty, my friend 19 years old - too young Mai. Mai not only physical pain but mental pain, the pain is the biggest new - Mai has suffered too seriously injured. Mai Oh! ".

Dear friends, when writing these lines I had to think a lot, think about everything. Just want you to read your story I see it's a lesson, the lesson of his adolescence, when would you put faith and love into someone please put in place and remember "Love does not mean is devoted all (both body and soul) that love is when you send faith, hope and despair on the one you love. "

Hope you wise enough to not believe "love poetry" is "Love" like you do.

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