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Friend crush

You're falling into a very sad situation. That is you have a crush on his friend. Although he loves you, but you're not a number one for them. Sadness is tormented and you want to escape this situation.
hasbox="2" overcome step by step
Do not be angry with them, especially if he does not understand your feelings about how much they are deep. They did nothing wrong and pushed their anger away from you just makes more and shattered friendships.
<= span hasbox "2" style = "font-size: x-small;"> Please mind the fact that it was not his fault because they do not love you. This result is difficult, but if necessary, you can cry and find out what fun you can keep the spirit.

Do not spend too much time thinking about myself. Because then you will think about him and began to feel disappointment and sadness. Let's go out with friends, try cooking a new dish or started to learn painting. Develop their talents and their own "goals" in life.
You know that you will see him again. They were close friends and you do not want to lose them. Therefore, try to limit the time for them and start spending time with others (probably the one who is somewhat sympathetic to you.) Start date and do not feel obligated to stick with their friends because of that you are not dating.
Who makes an interesting change will make you feel more attractive. Try a new hairstyle or a new dress. Be confident.
Learn to accept! Always remember that the hardest part is regarded as a close friend of ordinary people around you. There is no way other than to accept that things can not change.
If you have lost all hope in love, be patient. Do not be bogged down in too, but continue as usual, in their own right be great for him to see how you are. One day he might just realize that they were blind during the past and confess their love.

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You better not tell him her true feelings. The moment you admit it will turn into a reality that you love him and will be more difficult to escape this situation.
You have to really focus on finding a guy makes you put the attention and love. It is difficult to not love your friends when they are the only one you meet. But do not "ignore" your offline friends.
You must make that his time to his heart even though they lived next to you.
Try to feel happy because you had a nice friendship, excessive demand would break that friendship. Do not try to change himself into someone you think would be attractive to others, he just found that you are fake and insecure, and as a person they do not like you.
Do not try to make him jealous, if they just see you as a friend, when you cuddle or close to one other guy in front of them, they will have no feelings whatsoever. While later, you yourself will feel regret and disappointment.

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