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Fragile situation

two months of 15 days and then I have not met him. During that period I still look forward to seeing him each day. Especially when I'm down to Hanoi to continue the new school year, at which I hope you come. Then when he did not know was that I felt disappointed to overflowing. He likes to joke sun me so ...

But it must stop, I see you mean the first baby, only deepens my attachment only. He did not belong to me. One person was not part of their capital, why he can sun yourself having it all right.

3 years ago I used to love him, and then I had forgotten him, forgotten him in a long time. How can you come back and reign in my heart. So what?
If there are no meetings, no line of the message, not the eyes when he looked at me, no interest in a gentle, no gestures considerate of him ... I've probably ever forget it. But he did it and my heart vibrations, again and again troubled mind about him.

Maybe everyone on this world born with luck. Having always loved, always be lucky and do not be hard to get what they want. There are those who only know love without knowing what it means to be loved. Forever, they can only know that dreams can never touch your dreams. This life is very few people have crossed the barrier of fate? Probably very little. And I was among them, have many dreams, but dreams of love, perhaps never to be touched on it. Love for me was something too far away, I really do not dare think of.
Why do you step into my heart again like that? Perhaps also the coast. Because the condition is so new to me and he encounters, because the coast so I'm new and I have moments of being seated together even if very little, because the coast should feel loved each other but that it may Never say the words. But through his eyes, the words he accidentally came out and I know that. Yes, I love him, he reigns in my heart again, and I know that is an unrequited love. Maybe my luck is.

Sometimes would rather that there is something to look forward and hope I still very much happier times when his mind nothing more empty but hopes to wait ...
price as he may have loved it? Price as he has no ties at all, then perhaps things were better then. But luck is still the number of lives forever, who told of the love of my life unilaterally.
But sometimes would rather that there is something to look forward and hope I still very much happier times when the soul no longer empty but waiting any longer to hope.

At least now he is not getting married, from now until he married about 3 months. A period too short, but knows it is only such a short while but it can also change things. "There are minutes of making history," one minute can make history, let alone three more months while the other that. Three months is 90 days, so mean I still have 90 more days to wait and hope that. Yeah, so also a lot happier then.

Life before anyone says anything right, "river song, who is at" the other that, "as to the elephant, as down dog "how do you know. But today's sad and lonely infinite, but who knows tomorrow again full of laughter and happy faces filled. Today I can not see anyone, but who knows tomorrow do not know who to choose?
That life is always so. So those who are very sad, please smile more, and hopefully tomorrow. The cycles are lucky to be back for all.

Yes, something too often easy to get people to appreciate we did. Love, too, if someone is so easy to get love, they very easily get rid of it. I would rather be that difficult to get back, I appreciate and cherish it. Those who feel it is bad luck in love like that to keep walking steadily and continue to search offline.

* * * The unilateral

Coast as he did to me
bye love illusion

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