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For a love away ..

I loved him, loved him very much. but then you have to leave him because a another girl. You came to me when winter arrived, when he was a child my new girl entered school students. I'm not what impressed the first time where we meet. but then again I love you, love you blind, love me for the level of a year apart and that I still can not receive an interest. He is not smoking, not handsome, not gentle, not the kind of person that I ever dreamed. but there is a something about him that you do not account taken away. What do you hjp huh? Then a year passed since the day I found out that there is one other girl next to him. A girl that he loved three years. heart like a thousand knife stabbing was crushed when he saw that the inscription. I was stunned, confused and hurt. I do not know what to say to him when he innocently asked, "smiley face distorted over??" I still remember that day was a chilly day, the day that people called her cold you. I stood there, the dormitory hallway - where he stood. I roam the school yard where I do not know how many times and he has put together. That is the day that you have chosen to distance him. away from first love, but also the suffering of children. love so that the fragile boy. I love you day is a windy day and the day they are away from me as well as a day filled with love gio.tinh we only just started and ended just as fast as ever with a farewell message for you.
I'm wandering about the kids room to go up and then burst out crying in the arms of it. you can not expect to be the person you love most in life can betray you. can play with them, lie to you, begging you. I see why their love is too fragile. why is it like glass and is fragile as this?
There are nights I tried to calm her to sleep without it. memories keep flooding in and the pain anymore. There are times you walk in the street and suddenly saw something familiar or someone like a brother to re-launch by then realized why I so stupid. I do not know what to do anymore, I cry How many times have you also can not remember anymore.
You go to the school yard full of sun and wind, but that hurt too. last year alone he is still here with me but why h is alone with my children. I was wondering how many times do not know why he treats it like me. I have done? I hook you doing? he miss you, love me do? I told my friend that he loved doing what he my love lost and broken, my trust for him and then broke lose. So where did he just tries to hook you? so that children hate him?
then to the end of his buddies that love you best mistreat you. we were not playing each other again just because a person. A person that you can not cover h h love and unable to hurt. 1 person has become so familiar to me. One who always tried to treat them. A person that child's best friend likes me, likes to levels not acceptable for children to play with him.

I have tried many times to not know who might like it. but his image still can not be filled. he makes my heart go broke and can not heal. I have been too painful when your first love I'd been betrayed like this. I was stupid to keep the ball when a person has to leave in my heart. I have heard a saying "save a silhouette of someone who is a pain." So that why you still try to do that?

It's time his image in you must erase it must not he? you can not live with ghosts, a person was away from you. One who has caused pain to the extent they thought was dead.
And I will smile every time someone mentions him. I will smile and greet me if I accidentally met on the road. I was time to go find a new love, a love that hurts me not like him. To a person they can rely on when I'm sad, a person can laugh and hold you tight when you need it.
Please keep the good things of you in him. because you know he has been with a girl on the other. It's time to forget him then you must not he? let me keep the pictures of him, the memories between two kids in his heart. Deep in a certain angle, an angle that no one can touch you very much to be ....

by meo_beo

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