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For example I like you

This is a fact undeniable right. Why you? By ...
Before you know him, my first thought when waking up is: "Back then wanted to learn." But now: "Thank God all good things come to him today."
Before you know him, my last thought before sleep is ... did not think it was promptly lost when sleeping. For now, all turn left, turn right, turn off all electricity to power up and then turn right just because wrestling with questions that you never take that answer: "In his dream, with you .. . no? "

Before you know him, he also lamented that on several tens of times the phrase" life is so sad because I did not stand a reason for sadness. " Now, well, then I can not scream anymore because he has found thousands of reasons ... For example ... network might be corrupted messages late. Listening is the real reason for this nonsense but I keep trying to like me, you'll know that you said was right or wrong.

The example ... he also likes me. They do it? Just ok for example:

For example ... I like you then, just for example, only so the children can laugh a lot for that view. What on earth made someone sad when someone you love but also like her body. Life will be filled with joy. Is not the fun is also known as "happy" there?

For example ... I like you then, just for example, only so the children could also go for that sweet view. I would never even Choe, loudly arguing with you guys again, will speak very softly. I do not believe he is right? So try to know all right.

For example ... I like you then, just for example, the time, sad as he can not do for me I'll be happy. But you may upset with him there. Which is a sad truth ... bored. Two people will inevitably sad ... more fun. Do you believe it? If not, the new test should be known.

For example ... I like you then, just as examples only, you can see much more horrible as you say. But as he wanted to have a listen, then you can sit quietly beside him. Maybe, I will not do anything for you both. But: I'll Be There for You, this five word I swear to you. He did not believe you? So let me once ... Try it. He will know immediately that results.

For example ... I like you then, just an example stop him, as he could see - I was a normal kid so stupid sometimes too. Many children know nothing. Why are you so smart. But if at some point you get tired ... Then you would lead me to a place where you make sure nobody knows. A place without sadness, there is nothing that man must fatigue. I keep trying ... like me, then I'd know I lie or tell that.Va finally ... if I like you, are not such a head start! Are'm serious. Then I really wanted to tell you one thing, a thing that when true example you will hear him speak for himself.

Let's go without you necessarily get back.
Just hope it can go to be disappointed.
Did not "have a job to do - there's one thing to hope - a people to wait" and it was so happy.


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