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Flower's nostalgia

wife accidentally turn the page just hanging calendar, a forest untouched the white smooth out in my eyes. Nostalgia came rushing back to me ...

Over 20 years ago when I was a young student recently completed a dissertation. To enjoy free access emotions after 4 years of college and does not offset the new year has just gone through the taste, I leave Saigon, following in the footsteps of hometown boy friend in the far north west it is only wind and mountain.

Along the lines of white flowers such as the endless stretches. White covers both the deep valleys and hills of this mountainous region. Although Tet was over, but the village where the air is still spring. He invites me to participate in meeting your Xen version, Xen Muong people - these are traditional festivals of the Thai people to pray for harvest, blessing the new year. And there I know, Thai girl with white flowers in the hair.

You have beautiful eyes, but sadly, oval face flickers under White short black hair sleek shiny. Age 17 of them stretch so full of life but also pristine and primordial as the white flowers. I like a shy forest flower buds!

The guy at the top of my friend, but at the end of my house. Every time I come home, I know how to overcome an unfriendly audience eyes of the village boys. To me, I see mountains suddenly strange intimacy.

You as I love flowers. Every sunset, they took me into the woods, going under the canopy of white flowers. I hand-selected with the most beautiful flowers in the past and team up your hair, you look pretty fresh as a jungle princess small white flowers. You told me about the use of a beautiful girl named Board and talented guy called meniscus. For love is not the Commission should she die and where her death was covered up smooth and white flowering plants, is known as the flower, while the boys are into birds, singing the bloom each season. Only a legend but watery eyes!

Then the day passed quickly with me, I broke my right to return to city life. Day she presented me with a line up next to you and also embroidered scarves pieu the white flowers. My appointment flower season next year I will return to this mountainous domain. I doubt where I was planted in me hope.

Then my life was rolling away. All run counter to run down to find work after graduation from the three I four companies over other companies to find better place. The busy at work makes me tired and I've forgotten my promise to my day. The old stems in unpleasant and I have left long ago, only occasionally seen here from scarves pieu where I remember you - she painted every day women. But nostalgia was over very quickly to make room for urban carbon inserts in place.

Four years later, receiving the wedding invitation by his old friend, so I had occasion to return also in mountainous areas in the old slave trade. Original forests remain white flowers but the end of the small house solitary

The house went from a walk, the bloom every season, every sunset I again look forward to beginning the ball forward a person. How many connections in the village dared to ask you all do not agree. And the way the season a year, like last time you wait. Once at home I was feeling heavy. The family has run the repair but no relief. Ghost forest healers said they had arrested a wife. So you go away forever!

I visit the grave of children. The tomb is small and lost in the vast white of the flowers. Sunset light and white petals on the grave as faded as more lonely scene. The wind flickered across, the petals and then as described. Baby, just because a person's promise that she had melted into the fog, flowers mixed in both the white mountains. I was owed an apology and you owe me this lifetime!

Leave the village, away from the white flowers, early last year I dare not look back! Since then I no longer return. However, when accidentally saw the images of flowers and white silhouette of me as I found out the hiding of my nostalgia. And this afternoon, too ... TT


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