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Flower love

A new day is my starting image bitterly son is struggling with dust azalea. I arrived late and then, my son has broken a flower. He asked: "You can carry this flower to her classes?".
I waved goodbye to her son, quickly turned away so it does not see my eyes are brimming. I love dust azalea knows how. I was tapping into the branches like a broken flower dust whispers, "Sorry, I'm sorry"!

I wish that I had uttered such words to my husband earlier, but I was too angry. Washing machine leaks water to wet my brand new carpet. If he heard me spend a little time to fix it instead of playing chess with Jonathan ... So, for him, something new is the priority here?
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I'm cleaning it I walked into the kitchen to her husband: "Honey, breakfast dish today so what?".

I opened the fridge empty. "Madam cereal, bread and jam are you?". Just said, I just glanced at the faces of my husband's disappointment. I scan the jam over the bread and put it in front of her husband. Why am I so angry? I am frustrated by my husband to throw the disc into the white sink soap bubbles.

These days like this just makes me want to time passed quickly. I want to drive up the mountain, hiding in a cave between that and did not return home.

Somehow, I finally dragged the pile of clothes through the laundry automatically. I just washed clothes for drying out all day now just to think why love flew out of my life. Eyes staring at the picture on the wall plaster decoration, I was feeling like you tore the clothes are dried in the washing machine.

When you take out the last shirt from the dryer's husband, I looked at the clock, has two and a half hours. Late then. Jonathan melt layer at 2g15. I put clothes on the rest later, driving to school rush.

I almost hold my breath when the hands touch doorknobs, looking through the glass doors. Jonathan teacher's hand beckoned me to wait a bit. She whispered something to Jonathan, gave him and two other children some colored pencils and drawing paper.

Back What's This? When I suddenly thought that her teacher went quickly toward the door and pulled me aside.

"I want to tell her about me Jonathan."

I was prepared for what is worst. Nothing I can do is surprise.

"Do you know Jonathan brought flowers today to the lessons?".

I nodded, thinking about dust in my beloved azaleas and tried to hide the pain in her eyes. I glanced intently Jonathan is colored a picture. Wavy curls down his forehead removed it blind. Jonathan swipe your hand through your hair on one side and then continue drawing. His eyes lit up and looks very excited with his work.

"Let me tell her what happened yesterday. She found her sitting over there too?".

I saw a girl with clear eyes, smiling and pointing hands are full of color pictures on the wall. I nodded.

"Yesterday she was almost hysterical. My parents would divorce her. She told me that she did not want to live anymore, I wish I could die. I look

"I think she wanted to talk to me about Jonathan."

"Just like that," the teacher said. "Today, her son went to another little girl. I saw him give her the beautiful pink flowers and whispered:" I love you too ".

I feel proud of what my son did. I smiled at Jonathan's teacher. "Thank you. What she told me very happy. "

That evening, I started weeding around the fallen dust of my azaleas. When my mind I think about love that show with Jonathan Her morning, a verse flashed over me: "... now Left three things: faith, hope and love. But above all, love. "While I express my love, I just saw all angry.

I heard the familiar beat of my husband's car when he turns into the alley . I remember a spike in the azalea bushes fallen. I see the seeds of love in my family has returned to germinate. my husband's eyes filled with surprise when I handed him rhododendron branches and whispered: "I love you".

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