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First love

Everyone has a first love. There are happy people, some unfinished, some have said sorry, someone holding a feud, there are people carrying it to the end of life ... but can not hate, the more unforgettable.
By the simple life they never recovered their initial feeling palpitations, trembling, throbbing and full of anxiety waiting for thirst her longing.

Me too. Even went through three love chips, with bitter, sweet there, also very funny, sad and more ... but not when I recovered the felt sense

hungry like the old days did.

Back then, the days of beautiful forever remain in the vicious my memories. I love her sincere, passionate and hard tomorrow will not know how, how then will the future. At that time I only knew love, passion and Foolish. As far me so down I was extremely painful because of both you and me, whom did not think then we will be forever apart, even saying goodbye is not available. I have repeatedly found them silently but any very negative signal, I figure now is only valid only in the memories

It is about time I moved away from home to study at a school strange, but the place that gave me all what is a passionate desire for love.

We're not in the same class but in the same dormitory , my room in my room just few steps. At first I did not notice anything to me, because at that time only one in my mind, really good to learn to trust, regardless of her father. But then fate brought the two children run risk looking a strange harmony of breath.

I also was a son of a teacher in school and in the same dormitory teachers. New day, he talked about them very much, which is you have plight, walk away from the father, mother and daughter to be in the dormitory, but she is very good, pretty good at school again and again should be everyone loves. But after that I knew her father was a long drive home was elsewhere ...

Because I should not keep moving the program, so that my uncle was a teacher in school asked me for my coaching. The first day I was even afraid to meet you, partly because of inferiority partly because I am ashamed of weakness can not keep on increasing knowledge of the vast infinity that you want to add me. But every time she remembered what I was told to try to break away the guilt, shame to sit in school with me.

Time goes by so swiftly, early mornings when the dormitory was my class teacher and children sit at desks, in which the front is a flamboyant tree loose down to the long branches of a book cover rop yard. In the late autumn sun, the phoenix branches begin to fall leaves, the tiny leaf in the wind full of pigs may cling to the windowsill, blond school yard, I suddenly remembered the indifferent eyes at any time and do not know. I asked why I did not cry that suddenly took my hand. I was startled drew his hand out of my hands, two eyes at each other, blushing modesty ...

end of a semester as well as keep up my program, not the the morning struggling with the exercises and additional knowledge, but instead are now two kids traveling together around the trails in the pine forest on the hill behind the school. Where it has so many happy memories to share sad two children together. You heard me tell the summer festival in the village boys and girls singing together, then the flood season, water flooded into the dike broke, flooding the village had to go run ... tell me what you dream about a family life full of love of mother and father ...

Then summer came, I broke my parents' home visits. When two kids looked at each other farewell attachment should not say words with confidence by quickly and summer will bring together two embroidered woven so many desire. But I am aware that this is the last time I'm here for you forever and never see you anymore.

end of summer, my heart would just walk in blazing fast pay day to meet you ... but my parents told me to attend the village school to help parents at home ... babysitting.

In that ... I walked into class 3 ...

(According khocviem.0rg)

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