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First love lost

Oh ... the pain, it will last for one ....... a girl he had ever God loves ...... gray clouds, swirling wind brought the pain of his old place back when it turned people away for hours without saying a sentence broken hearts melted mine cry of his time ... thought the rain on the veranda in the dark only to find his child he wandered between a dream only in black

Looking forward to a pleasant light illumination ... where I am standing ... such odd feelings during that time can mean sitting back every night so that each day put pen to write and then delete all say love is all eager to hear the flowers and sweet words of mine laments tears inside look at who the people shoulder to shoulder people laugh handheld `said 'maybe because he happily trot mang1 have deep feelings for your brother over Oh you know when you go away and not a word when the sexual segregation was heartless because I forgot a heart that is now no longer tolerate thietgio he already knew, but still think I will also hold something for though he is a very small part nhotrong me but apparently is too difficult for me because in my heart and did not have a ghost of someone like a new wind is heavy clouds rolling away just to stay in the mountains then stay there forever, and wait a day and I still go back, and cooling time of his heart, a situation of ignorance and I saw that day, the mountain still live without River still flows like clouds my heart has changed, and then one day he did not see every tear you hide the pain buried deep truth is too hard ... I still love this place .. still remember the future .. still waiting.

memories once the pain is now over? or too small for my love to now only in memory of him is the one I love you guys around that Kant to find you. The wind had died then fly away ... I went off and left her in the sky clouds fun on the new wind tears again roi.Em cloud has new ... with arms of love moi.Va moi.1 sentences lie ... mai.O take you away with me there where only his own language where strings cuoi.Rieng tears. Long Quan pain but will not charge you dau.Tinh love it as well ... such things come and go Nothing is stable forever vung.Chang is nothing like his shadow in the light you now have one ... phai.Vi please, please ... I go there when his heart is not in do.Anh also give up the No. 3 to divide us each a half. Do not try for a loving heart can not be two people Where

Put an end to that day two people happy and also a person that is hurt, must not lead me em.Lo inch long way to come there to meet greet your nhau.Xin 1 question ... I nhe.Giu best memories in my heart of love dauDung step up and do not be sad to go right uen em.Con still have long way to overcome them then to go on the road lai.Anh which also is the son ... turbulent life a real need anyone, he just bit his whole life, so he briefly suffered thoi.Va Sadness and one day I returned a very gentle, but do not repeat things I've wa light, he will do em.Moi painful story that was too late he is truly sorry he can not stop me sad that it will nha.Noi through which thoi.Hay temporarily forget the past pain gradually buon.Roi winter and spring gradually to bring us more of an effort song.Gio mine cry once in the rain on the veranda in the shade offers advantages sad one bit that he is khoc.Roi sun to gently and he did not cry half he suffered dc ah so you only because I love you so helpless without emC.o probably will not hold forever, and though one day I said to him my heart is still slightly warm in a sunny corner of my heart ... I home

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