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First love is the love last?

Everybody has a first love. It was love in the most clear, most memories but also the most broken relationship easy.
The love once and then proceed to marriage just is not there, but very rare. Most of first love are shattered. So almost everyone has to love the next time.

In love many times when we must temporarily away from it . This is when we do not feel missed each other again, do not want to see each other again, it was love are weakened. Try to see each other as if they will rise to boredom. Unable to find fire in the eyes of another. Could not find a smile on his lips met each other, do

The best solution is temporary at this time away from love, at least in the short time to listen to your heart themselves. If we miss each other, need each other so that love will surely be resumed. This is not a good thing to break the mirror that is a temporary process to each person apart than their self-understanding, self-refresh herself, adapt to each other better.

Couples together all apart temporarily and then resumed successfully. Love can not be forced, many cases of violent behavior when they feel love going broke, they threatened, assaulted or even the opposite sex. That behavior is completely contrary to the nature of love. True love never had such violent acts. Love from both sides but often from a broken side. Bored one side, a side that has shaken out, one side of the world is found not far apart.

Need to calmly accept this reality, not bitter, do not try to exceed resourceful , because no one keeps anything is not the same anymore. The priest, after-church meetings, often in front of watching the couple is waiting for each other. If there is no wait that sometimes together, the priest said that at least a lamb of God is suffering. And during the following priests will try to comfort their counsel. It is through this that the Catholic couples love each other more durable and if it broke no condition behave violently.

After a broken love, people will ask next time . Love first love was different than later. First love, the shy girl, shy, his son is embarrassed, hesitated a lot when the market closes forever particles can not speak. Love the next time, both more boldly, but also wary because they also broke through once. Next time do not hold love like my last meal, time to learn, explore more, the more deeply as well. There are two things to avoid when asked later.

First, raw si no concrete experience of the love affair before the next visit. In life no two people alike should not have the appropriate behavior for all people in love. If you love first, strengths is your beauty, his delusion is beautiful because you love the next time to show off the face of your lover may not be effective or even cause ill will, by many men in inner beauty than breasts and long legs caught fire. For people who love the next time you need technical signals to use the exact application.

Second, beware of the following words, not too much later, a lover first and second request two, ask a third time, next time again and again again. A football star can play to 2-3 hundred battles in his life but his players not love football, there should be no more next time too, because time waits for no one. On the other hand love so much heart to become boring bottle of divorce, no longer little shaken again and then they no longer love, the only thing to get married, her husband only. A marriage without love is nothing bland with.

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