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First Love - The easy recombination

It is often argued that the depth to top is broken. There are too many reasons to explain this problem. However, one thing in particular how many people a reason to break up until then, there can be reasons for people to return to his first love.
The head is not easily forgotten

A survey showed that up to 72% (out of 1500 people) think you and your ex still love each other. The separation at this time as to deepen their love. Moreover, the head of each person usually starts with the people they attached small. That may be the person grew up with an environment similar circumstances. They were very understanding, sticking together and see each other as part of the memories. Then shattered when his first love who had become the standard that they always get compared to those who come after. Much love at first sticking wrong on both: friendship and love.

first love was born a biological response

Often the first love can easily occur in their teens - who We thrive on the hormone route. When you have the desire physically, and hormones such as oxytocin is released vanssopressin These substances will be stored in the brain, in a region called amyglada. Upon seeing his ex, under the appearance of the familiar elements such as shapes, voices, even body odor: memories of a long sleep will return.

time to return

It is often broken up with his first love at a young age (17 years or less) because the reasons for the situation (the prohibition of parents, moving house or leaving school, ...). So, what is age appropriate for them to come back? Age is not a problem, but can also be 18 95. In fact, the more aged the return is more solid, then of course the two have not married.

In the affair was "restored", the first love of happiness is the highest percentage (78%). They actually retains the passionate as early childhood after many years of marriage. Many respondents said that upon returning to his first love, their happiness than any other relationship in the past. In addition, up to 61% of these said that this comeback began with an intensity more quickly.

Parents should respect children's first love

A lot of first love is shattered by the disapproval of her parents . Even many people have forbidden acts such as hitting your kids or a hidden message of love. Until they come back and have a happy life together, they will think about making my parents day before. And they will be hard to avoid feeling resentful for having lost too much time to find true love.

to his first love is always beautiful

First of all, everyone should cherish their first love. Do not think because it is considered that first love breakup is inevitable. Because of this disintegration could be forever. If unfortunately your love is gone, you have the right to think that maybe someday it will come back. However, do not ever sit back to wait for this to lose the good things that await you.

If you are married, do not even think about looking to see her first love. You just want to see them for only one sentence hello u? Not simply that. The old feelings returned and can cause trouble for your present happiness there

Instead of a link

What that the first human experience has always left a special impression. First love of every human being is a great feeling that although there go all my life would not be forgotten. Behavior do nothing to regret, thinking about your first love requires not only living with a sincere heart that must be in a more sober reason

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