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Finger emotional denunciations of him

During the first appointment, when every thought, he mouths the focus to achieve the purpose of conquering hands will be forgotten. Thus, placing the hands, fingers playing with the emotions he denounced for you.
Hand / strong>
- I usually put my hand forward, hands stitched together
He was very confident before you but in my heart again skeptical. So, I'll always have hidden his emotions. The following appointments, you must be a major help if he wanted to make a romantic move forward.
/ div>
- Put your hands lap or hiding under the table
Obviously he loves you, but dare not say. This is a shy guy in love. He may understand your emotions so afraid of being rejected or not brave enough to speak. You love him? So the green light to go offline.
- Sitting on the chair and put your hands behind your back
This guy seems hon.Chu daring policy is to conquer his "best distance." Action closer to you I love your show. But if this posture, but also with his hands placed just over your shoulder, then be careful. Rush in love sometimes means a lack of attention.
- Min mouth love coffee
Do not trust him shy. He is trying to divert your attention there. This is a pretty familiar guy psychology of women. I know women who only pay attention to small details of the conversation should use this to your attention. When you do not pay attention he can penetrate and find out the situation and your feelings.
/ div>
- Spinning phone or typing fingers on the table
The distribution of the psychologist, this is an unconscious act when people are bored that conversation.
Maybe he did not really like you, want to meet just try. Talk to you but my mind back to another place. Also typed attitudes on the table also reflects the superficiality and lack of respect for the opposite. Especially when the opposite is motco girl he wants to find out, you had no doubt about that man is not interested in her.

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