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Fine day that I broke

Then What happens? To see the light, then you will like it? Then they will be like?

Yeah, I'll try to paint a scene to see why.

But first there must be a reason but.

Despite the "silent but to leave" then at least there must be a reason.

It is possible that an early morning waking, found naturally all love, all love is all love.

There may be a fine day, we suddenly see a person, not heatstroke not freak out, and suddenly I realize that's true is 1 / 2 of his.

It is possible that the vague anger, but not to be missed because love is not enough to sacrifice what I can, the children, who present in every person.

It is possible that we suddenly noticed the difference too much, and love is not large enough to change for another.

It is possible that suddenly bored together, and go find new ones, and no way back again.

It is possible that the understanding do but not heard and do not want to hear explanations.

It is possible that because the family did not accept, and love is not enough to help overcome.

Yes I can not be near each other, but not enough confidence to trust each other, and love can not overcome the so-called gap.

appears possible that someone in the middle, and someone wants to leave, and someone can not hook anymore

Perhaps we have tired with all the love, and suddenly want to follow the mean- single.

Probably a mistake but not tolerant enough to accept, ignore and forgive.

It is possible that we suddenly realize you have a another way, another love is love for God, love for Buddha ... or the love for religion in general. And people do not grasp the time anymore [the nuns a bit confused, but can own.]

It is possible that love themselves suddenly faded, faded over the years. I no longer feel joy, but little emotion when together.

Maybe happiness is a thing called a split-hand.


I just thought it was ball very much alone. 1001 is not reason to break up, but also many huh.

And then,

good bye, good bye my love.

To my Em ...

So how long will this take? Is not it time things will heal you? There will be time to dust it all, so everything fell into oblivion. So how long will it take?

How long does it take to stop the pain?

How long ceased to remember?

How long does it take to not only sad?

How long ceased to love her?

How long does it take to not blame each other?

How long does it take to forget someone?

How long does it take solace?

And then, still needs time ...

To balance, and used to life without the old.

To have faith in love love.

To be able to find half as true.

To start a new love with love.

Uh, what will it take How many this time ? Can be very long, but also may be too fast. Because if you break up, then we really did not have to be the same, then have to find half his true word. Where not much time left!

So then, seeing each other, two people will ever love like?

- As You

- or-hate-those-guys together.

- or the-people-as-yet-ever-know-know?

So farewell, then There may also may not:



BACK Sadness




also possible: nik will delete, ignore, delete the phone, delete the blog, delete all related to each other, doing something foolish?

If you apart, will:

- no one to miss a message at midnight, such as sleep, as happy as mud.

- No raincoats together cover driving in the rain anymore.

- Can not hug.

- No business can say a lot of hate though.

- Can not be angry with someone but still love to cry.

- Can not call nge hours just to remember each other and say so much.

- Can not listen to his England recall at first know each other.

- Can not imagine sitting for the written blog like this.

Also, and as such:

EM: He will not have to be reminded to eat so much, to be fat, do not be sick too. I will not be responsible for the accident, ungrateful. Will not be asked is why such tight hug. It would not hurt to cry, nor was he provoked to tears. Will not anger. Will not have to remember, not commercial, not love. Will not see as he hated because he look around. Will not be saying that promiscuous, ham zui. Will not be saying that you despise or ngc identity key again. Coffee will be impartial and the other one. Will be impartial message to YOU. Raul will be comfortable talking about, will not have to answer difficult questions, by saying YES is not right to say NO is not stable notes .. and will not miss me as much now, and will not have to look forward to the festival early hours bi

ENGLISH: It would not be sad because I'll accidentally. Please be sure not to pay more attention to, whether it is small. Will not be angry with me. Will not envy those miscellaneous strangers and not anyone else. Will not run away with me to wa. Will be impartial look at me nge without grumbling. Will not bother to stop smoking while drinking beer. Will not always hear you Rab. Comfortable gaming will not busy chatting with you. Will not be blogging with you, will not see me cry. I will not be afraid to stay promiscuous. ...

That's when I broke the UK.

No injury.

No longer love.

Both remember.

There was another party on a path, which is the one who could not each other.

All is well: suddenly stop, naturally, could, would ... only.

Just imagine sitting burned, but also saw depressed.

not want to happen on that beautiful sky that at all, his appointment.

Always with you when we love each other home ..

I love you.

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