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Find where ... the other half lives?

People still think that everyone has his perfect half - a special medium could be lovers, friends, intimates, companion, inspiration ... In short, everything. But in reality, this can happen?

- myth or reality? We all want to believe that someday a prince or princess will appear and we love first sight, without a question, then happily ever after. How great would be eliminated if the stage of research, the intermittent, turbulent relationship reality. While some people still closely associated with faith fairy tale romance, then many people realize that this is None.

- How do you know already find the right person? If you do that only half of their single perfect out there, you will be appalled at a time when close to someone is worried that they're not that person. You will see panic by not finding that half of his time, went to the service. You'll worry that he can stand right up front that you do not recognize. Or if you really have feelings for people, you always question my own insecurities have found the right person yet.

- You select or exclude? If the "intimates" is defined as a unique individual on this planet with a perfect match who you are, then finding that person as open metal tank bottom. Sure, the needle is somewhere in the deep sea, but when you get to the grave and still not touch it. Set high standards is to encourage the exchange of the heart to send someone. But building a fence too high will only unrealistically narrow your chance to learn, making you ever alone in a period of time unnecessarily.

- You should accept fate? Of course not. Life is too short and love is too precious to be able to accept something inferior than a healthy relationship, sincere and happy with your true love. Fortunately, there are dozens of people on this planet can become a great second half for you. So let yourself learn to recognize these differences before commitment into the relationship of energy consumption and time. Be confident that you deserve to have a relationship quality and happiness around us.

- Tri characters are born or made? While love at first sight may sound paranoid, this is absolutely real as you and your lover will become true soul mate after a period of understanding and closer together. If two people of Tyre, said talk and appear at the right time, that's the best conditions for the second half of harmony in the whole lifetime ahead of them.

How do you think??

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