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Find other half in 6 months

life like a flower girl, though pretty well to where there is only one time. So people also said "there is a girl." If the youth to go through and still have not found a partner to pair with litter, a pity.

In a study of the psychology of communication, Jean Pierre Mauroit , the French people questioned 150 people are in love: "You met the love in what circumstances?". Through their answers, he realized the environment meet in modern society is very diverse.

It was a short day trip, a summer vacation to the beach, once attend the concert or your birthday, a neighbor or go to the elevator. Having met at the library or a classroom overtime. Since then, Mauroit said that one lot of friends, or participate in social activities or entertainment, that is regular communication with many people is likely to be "a dream" greater than those ru ru themselves at home.

days ago, in feudal society, it is the concept "life buffalo do not find piles piles to find buffalo" girls are not allowed to communicate with children boys, especially the human rights sub-directory as walled quarter. But that time has their village matchmakers. They know very well what is the unmarried daughter, and "reputation" for not married men. The girls gentlefolk sitting on the "karma hanging curtains," things could matchmakers and their parents make.

But in modern society, people must find took his girlfriend, his partner. Not necessarily beautiful or talented, but was happy to be intelligent, resourceful and energetic, proactive in finding new friends can meet their life. Sure you would have thought that going to stalk up, he now also block "would die", is something I have not "approved" sir.

But you do not like these people they must actively seek other people, not be proud to do it but sat waiting. Because only about 5 years longer, now the guy is pursuing you will still be attractive enough young girls more beautiful than you very much. And you, until then if you are also a pursuit of a guy with your peers again?

The psychologist also recommended: The girls should come out late from "a small world", they do not stop busy day out with the chores at home. Because it does not ever, you can do for life, but youth are limited. You do not miss the opportunity to participate in recreational activities, meetings and friends.

It is also noticed, if anyone on ru ru at home not to the seat allocation gradually will continue long reluctance to crowded places, afraid to communicate with someone you are uncomfortable, do not know the behavior, how to speak confidently and always lost. Indeed, the participation of such activities can cause you to lose some time but in return, you get what? It is a new sky and vast with hundreds of relationships, a lot more fun than the narrow world you're trapped.

Once you have participated in these activities such action, it is best to arrange a reasonable time to appear regularly in a fixed schedule are the rule. Thus, you have the opportunity to meet someone more than once, from knowing each other to new places familiar to talking. For example, on the seven o'clock, you go for breakfast at a certain effect, eight hours every night to wander back on familiar a way, every Monday evening, Thursday or foreign language in school from 8 am to Home this church. Thus, you will often see a group of friends or a person to become familiar.

Tips Monday, is to take advantage of the relationship of friends. We found many cases become friends, "Ms Yue said Silk." If you have friends join you with courtesy assign someone but not for you, do not appear uncomfortable. Because he knows he has friends and people that are the ones in your dreams.

If you're afraid to house, invite your friends to his house and told them not to hesitate led by their friend, even though that person may not recognize her. Thus form a chain to form relationships style chain. Who knows who follow it are re-introducing another person with you?

The third, is to participate in activities that interest you. If you are a music lover, now also son why not go free chamber music concert hall or to the family? You will meet people with similar interests. Whether it is new, easy to talk to each other for available music themes that concern both.

It sums up, in-class hours, the conference symposium is the central meeting place in mind of those same interests. The atmosphere here is always friendly easy, do not have to keep alternating, so very high success rate.

Today, the social market economy, it is said that even both in love should also be marketing arts. A foreign scientist wrote "Love and marketing." Because of the industrial age, very little idle time, society should have the form of brokerage love and marriage to help those who wish to find a mate.

Almost also as any newspaper column "The club friends." Post Office also introduced the familiar center over the phone. In 2000, appeared in Japan club Speeddating "(See full speed) by Barbara Munker initiatives. So far in San Francisco (USA), Berlin (Germany), Oslo (Sweden), Beijing (China) did the same.

It lists two rows, men on one side, women one side. Through sheet summarizes basic information about each person, male and female were placed in pairs opposite each other. A bell sounded, proceed south to stand up to say hello, talk to the girl sitting before him. After ten minutes out, a bell rang again. If both parties can see each other move forward the invitation to speak to the next room. If either party that does not quite fit the bell can be heard saying: "Sorry, bye" and will be sitting in another location awaiting the next chapter.

Every night is from 100 to 200 men and women aged 28 or older (with a 50 or 60 years) to attend to find a mate. The fee per meeting is $ 25 per person. Many people have lost $ 50 has found love. If age was "alarming", you should have a plan must find a mate and not affordable or not to see or to wait in a "pending additional mouths."

Please put only familiar targets a week, a month you get used to 4 people. Add yourself to one of four people. Ie can invite each other for a drink, watch movies for example. In half a year, you will have six friends of the opposite sex. Through each date is a single inspection. That he was "sliding" too much to leave. He does "eating at" the appointment increases. Hope you find love among them.

If both are only 6 guys you can do it, not that vibrate with him at all, they must review the sensitivity of the left your heart or you've set your standards too high compared to its force there.

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