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Find the missing half

Looks like now you are going to find you the right. I also hope that he will not be ashamed if you're not the girl dressed "cool", or a girl so beautiful that I can show off to your friends.
There are I'll be a stubborn girl just to fight for a point but I think it's true, so say you have a student of NHL, D.PD His friend and C.T.H. I was not a scholar, she is also not a psychologist, nor are you her doctor that because I'ma bit selfish reasons. But three of them I mentioned above is not the reason the head start.

But hope you understand that you do not always stubborn, there are times when I was a good cat, good listener said if he is tough and robust shoulders of children.
Maybe he will know that they often show strong and sometimes arrogant, but somewhat confusing and you really tiny when standing before him. And I do not say this to let anyone know offline that into a big tree parts to protect you.
Who are you? He rich or poor? All are not important. Who are not important, that will define him as a brother. ah I remember talking about this, I was a workaholic girl so sure he would not mind if I have to wait a day in the company to 8 pm that she was not liable for?
I will love him very much because he deserves such a thing. And he promised me to love life offline.
I hope that he will be honest with you because you are scared to lose my confidence and also very sincere with his promises.

Did you see that they do not require you too much? Not all me, sir, this anymore:

1. He will be richer than Bill Gates?

2. He was more handsome than Tom Cruise?

3. He will be witty than Mr.Bean?

4. He will have more power than Bush?

Read here make you scared yet? But okay I'll read it:

1. I will be richer than him time he will spend more time with me, right?

2. Because he will be higher than Tom Cruise, the height from the top to the right?

3. Because when I'm sure there'll always full of smiles.

4. Because he is a free people

I'm going to find him there so he just stood there, see if you remember to call it, do take each other to communicate. And I remember that your name is elizCua
There are times on the busiest road of life
I accidentally had breezed through another ...
sure everyone recognizes that life is indispensable love. Is it?
Fish said: I do not see my tears, because I live in the country. Speaking countries: I could feel her tears, because she is in my heart!
Please believe that there is always someone for you, and continue the journey ...

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