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Feet and shoes

At birth, it is also human like everyone else. A boy and naked holy.
Then it standing, falling up falling down, falling a lot but it's still standing up, his gong up and one day, it was able to stand firm. Stand on its own feet. A little big, it's toddler learning to walk. The walk of life, more full of rocks and thorns.
One day, he saw a pair of shoes. A pair of shoes so beautiful, so lovely and warm.
In line with the shoes, it felt really confident up. Every step seemed to become stronger, more clearly marked - the footsteps of the firm.
But one day, it felt feet hurt. He looked down and suddenly realized one thing - shoes too tight compared to its feet.

teeth grinding, but as it tries to step away, feeling as heavy as the feet as tight and sore feet, bruised feet. By then it came to understand that, then the shoes were not made for it.
And even at that interesting, even endearing, even if clearly needed ... but you know it was not for her, it's still fun, smile, removing shoes, set aside and ready next step.
No shoes in the more ... feet will have to walk by his own flesh ... though would be "weak", although there is slim, though a pain but it will still follow. Step on barefoot, do not have it every step like that, like the stars at birth? It was important to find and choose for themselves a path, a path match ... Feet now has found a path for yourself. And it will be the next step along with many other foot on the path of life, smoking a long way hun, do not be full of thorns ...

better to accept it because the stone is more painful because of the suffering, pain due to force it ... just because the shoes do not want a fit and not really for me.

There are things only to lose it, people realized that I had it and at that time, people appreciate it.

What's broken is broken ... 'd rather remember it better than most fragmentary life and then get on to see the broken places ...

something ... bye one of their number was not devoted to them.
Ok so, let it drift in the direction that it needs to go ... Good Luck!

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