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The faults of her

that she would hardly meet the "characteristics" below by so she will become a "witch" good scare, but if he just has one of the following properties, then you should also carefully.

Selfishness In what circumstances and even where she was to be the center of the universe, is the most important. When you see anything, she will take care of themselves before others also how well irrelevant.

criticizing the action of others

To "lose face" is the most common form of this woman with man he other. Pierced by skewers, disparage the opponent does not match, she wants them to lose confidence and be dependent on what she thinks is right. Nothing good is both willing, so she put ourselves off all the things other people say or do.


The women are usually very attractive and alluring, but her real ready grasping the benefits to gain from others about yourself, including making them hurt. And of course, she will never cry or weak expression in front of his opponent.

To be treated as a Queen

She was pampered and also serve as a child. Family members who meet all requirements set out her. To adulthood, she still thought she could have what you want. She demands satisfaction from those around them and never listen to or care about their needs.

love when you look down on the bed
Instead of consolation, encouragement and motivation, she is available ready to laugh a little bit of negligence at two sexual guy. Even the clumsy and reckless of him feverishly. For her, the guy had no such "bravery men" do.

Treat people as "trash"

She was treated and regarded as waiters or clerks only are the robots that exist to serve themselves. She did not work before the compassion of the poor and sick. They are just like children, should not do anything and she had a role in guidance, her upbringing as a strict nanny. Features the most obnoxious kind of woman this is very "bad mouth".

Ham Tien

The money that she considered all this. She always choose the restaurants and considers him to pay such an obligation. Unfortunately for the guy who demands an empty bag because she dreamed of the results will be driven away even currency.

Always direct

All people are born as a slave to her, especially her boyfriend. He must spend most of their time to complete all her assigned duties whenever needed.
Flirting other men

She can be provocative and sexy other men in front of him without paying attention to the opponent's emotions. In addition, she also easily compare his lover with another man. This is the most intolerable thing that the guy can not tolerate.

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