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I too wonderful for me! That moment, I love you!

noel dzai night and many things to think. The first time he participated in a patty like fun. Music, wine and cake, but perhaps most especially to you - his first dance.
Fated stars? Between the nearly 50 members of the class and I chose him. My heart is beating stronger than ever, his first dance with a girl - I! Perhaps someone with knowledge as "dancing" almost blind stature would be difficult but he did not think so. Romantic hug and gently from the waist "as her first innocent" of the child, his breath seemed to be for you.
Happy Birthday to you!
Night, I drank very many, perhaps your friends simply because I think that the new enthusiasm like that, but I know you're sad because a someone. And so fate? He is the only son of the party. Start imagine, he has like the main character of many Korean films do not love? He "was" carrying children under the assignment of the "sisters." Romantic and gentle hands to hug his neck. And ...
that moment, he still is a friend, but "you" want to say I love you!
That day, I do not think fate. But there is one thing for sure I can not live without you! I love you, and you'll make your girlfriend you very much! Life's better he started it.
Love is always a beginning emotional, romantic and gentle, he placed a kiss on your lips! That moment, he is still you, but your boyfriend, your child's intimates
After night dawn dzai grown, you and I love romantic and gentle way. Through the times of "anger trumped" then you and I still can not "live without each other. Thank you, it's when the thought of you "love" and "loved". He believes they can "explore" all human beings are "confusing" the children. Tedua
228 days, today is Valentine's Day as long as that first time "I love you." A happy and wonderful, he still put up your lips a gentle kiss like that, but it's "commitment" to forever love for his children. Pé love Duck!

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