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Farewell to you, honey!

- I write these words with hope you'll learn something, as I learned from you. Do not let people take time to go then that is good, then the loss of that precious.
Hello! Incubator until today I decided to write these words because before now I always remain his own views are not interested in other people's stories, what is your own resolution alone and also could resolve itself.

Until often read stories in the forum said that I was also a sharing lessons learned about speaking out in his mind or the mind to listen to the others.

now sit writing these words really do not know my feelings are like any other. Just as angry with myself for not really kind to me during the time we love each other, just as mad at me for not saying goodbye, but you have to others so when I realized my love for for me and I need you how much he or she has been away from me forever. Just felt like the breakup is a release for both. Just as sorry to see what was over ...

In the past when we are together, also of each other, we always ask is why people fall in love again be separated and why in some songs have more to post about this separation?. We always thought that the separation was just a story of the galaxy alone, but it certainly is not my story, because we trust in love and believe in an open future, a family happy with their children behaved. We always tell each other that we are all smart and know what to do to achieve it. She said to me a very interesting question in this world is only one thing is absolutely everything is relative, then I say one more thing that is more absolute love of our own.

Until now I have not really believe that the separation has become our story, and re-add one more in what I call the world. A beautiful love like dreams over the past four years has finally come to an end of the galaxy that no one wanted it to happen to you all.

I am and I know each other really accident. Same level in 3 children with my sister, at the same university and in the same room. Maybe I'll never forget the day you and I first met. March 8 th year, I visited and presented gifts to his sister came across them. Is the first time we met, I do not know about you but I know they have quite a lot about me through the story of my sister. Back then I was a tour guide, are you studying tourism, so I admire those who do like my job. Moreover, through the story of my sister, then you also to understand I am a fairly strong, live independently and take responsibility for their families. I always keep a belief that a man now living is responsible for large family living, the latter will be responsible for his small family. For that reason, perhaps you have loved me and that love to gently and how I accept it. I had to come together and I like it, speak no love and no one say yes, just know that we really love each other very much and regard each other as part of life. In all plans, every plan of my work and you always have too.

Then taking her baby was still a first year undergraduate students in Hanoi, it's innocent and lovely poem, it seems to me this life is only a single color is pink. Maybe so that the clothes you wear pink and I have always found them beautiful. I was working in Sapa, a small mountain town and city beautiful but very cold every winter overflow. Perhaps only those who have gone through a whole winter here is new is the poignant was cold. Hundreds of miles apart, but the geographical distance can not make our hearts apart and make it look like the love of our additional salt concentrations.

I'm innocent and adorable ...

Every month, some parents send money to provide for the education I tried for almost a full account to buy a train ticket to visit me every weekends or when not to grade. You always told me that "I buy a ticket, sat and slept on the ship so the next morning I woke up and saw him." As a body that girls have to go alone, more than to sit on the train with a ticket of hard to sit for more than 10 hours was never concerned me, beyond all the children to follow the situation love, is looking forward to seeing me to alleviate homesickness always burned in my immature mind.

summer or rainy days it's not hard, but also the cold winter with near zero or showers these days nor do I see what every hard to get up really early from 4, 5am to bike nearly 40 km from Sapa to Lao Cai welcomes you. Just think a moment to see your lovely face at the station, I think what you all do not compare well with the children to sit through a long night train to visit me. I love and loved you very much. The first thing to catch me before I was on the hot water to come at me with hot water shower, it seems to have become a habit for me every time I pick up the train station. Children to visit me any time we see precious every second, every minute together. Every day I still have to work as if agency is not on weekends, lunch on me I was cooking dinner, the meal never missing two dishes are spring rolls and vegetables because I know I like to eat it. Pm until the end of working hours, then I came home with me, I go play football and I are walking around or sitting down around the soccer field where a small restaurant that was just to see me. We had to go shopping, cook dinner together, or more correctly say I was the cook and I just help them petty things. We finished dinner together holding hands walking around the town of Mountain City was beautiful and poetic, or to my friend's bar to drink something. Every day, we are doing things that were done yesterday, but always find joy and happiness in it, a repeat, but we never see any of that boredom.

Ever too, every time you come visit me as we get the joy and perfect happiness. Each time such a moment I took him back to Hanoi station is always a difficult moment for them both and was also dropped any tears, tears rolling down my cheeks as well makes me really sad. But I was trying to hide the sadness, I just laughed and told me that only a few weeks apart and I only see that again.

The time was peaceful and beautiful to gradually drift away, one year, two years and then three years. So we love each other for three years in the separation line and always have to live with fond remembrance anxious. Our love with just a short time to visit me or my children to visit me, only with a message or talk on the phone. That two phone Sfone Couple it now does not know where it is anymore and I can not even remember my phone number and I'm back there again. Do you still remember, honey? Do not know at what moment we call each other by that name again? Honey! But so far apart but I always, even in my dreams I always trust in your love for me is whether there are words to say in about a distant love of the woman's infidelity. I always send full faith in you.

Then one day, the dream of love as beautiful as a dream start to go downhill when fortune telling my mother, because both we and the family should have been very friendly to the marriage of two children. Fortune teller told her mother that she is the woman that the faithful need to review old and we did not marry each other if there is no happiness, more if you are taking will affect my career . The other thing I do not care, but only only one thing is if you then take will affect my career made me think. Before this I was still a respected job and career, I always wished that I had to do something for this life as each person lives only once and not everyone was given a life. And the truth is that my thoughts have been somewhat affected my love for you. But I know that I still love you and need you.

Then I moved to Hanoi to work, first time for me was really difficult, but she was always with me, worry and care for me. I remember one rainy night when I fell into a state of despair and had to abandon most of all, I realize that this world still have you by my side, I swore to myself that if I later do not treat me, I'll be fine as long as heaven.
Thank you because you gave me to understand the real value of love ...

I graduated and stayed in Hanoi to work, our time together than before, often together, and perhaps also for that reason that sometimes I see in you something that I should not have his wife in the future. But now thinking back, probably because I was a bit difficult because in this world nothing is perfect, love is to accept each other but where have to change each other.

On Part I is thus also about the children. Children out of school and get a pretty good job, it is the job that you love and also brings high income, so it does not know at what moment she was swept into the maelstrom of the job and earn money. I care little for their beauty more than before and also shopping for their expensive stuff. Time for me less and I began to know me well I lied. I began regularly not home at noon and I did not want me to pick you going to do anymore, I'm very intelligent when it comes out to be the reason that I rarely thought to doubt you change or perhaps because of them I've always believed in me.

And so, because of the changes I made and I love the way we often have gap, it just appeared one day and more deeper. But we never said goodbye to the frankly, probably because both are not brave enough to face the harsh truth was. We still see each other quite often, go out or go eat together. In my heart now, while not perfect with the silhouette of her but also did not have a ghost of another woman, although the nature of the work I often have to travel far and are also exposed to very many people.

Then one day I saw something that I should not see, what I will never forget in my life and it has left a wound in my heart will not cover time to heal over time. But while most disappointing, as most painful, I also realize my love for you and me is the woman I need in this life. Think quite the emotional throughout the year, think about your love for me and did what they did for me during my difficult time in work and life, I have missed a self-esteem man and boy thought nothing to the conversation is over. I just see it as an accident and that she's just a normal woman, also have weak hearts in the absence of attention, care of someone you love. I have done everything possible to hook the back of our love and wish you back to me. But it was too late, I still can not return to me like the old days anymore because of my love for me is sitting overwhelmed the last breath and heart had the silhouette of another man , a frequent side than I can spend more time with my children and they could care for me even more attention and care that only a few duck egg roll or a few cloves boiled potatoes when you need it. Things seemed so simple, but it is indispensable for the taste of love dishes that I did not do it for you.

We never close but not far apart as ever now, I realize the fact that we have lost each other forever and will never be the same anymore. I went on the road that you have chosen and on the way there without me. Well, my dear brother maybe that release for both of them yourself, I just want you to know that he is not angry with me when I lied so much he or she even betrayed his love. I must thank you because you gave me to understand the true value of love. He later said no one will love me as much as I loved and I can not love someone as much as he loved. Now every time recalling the old story that he often sat there stone chair, stone bench that we had to sit every time you play a lead in the first. He truly did not expect that you will read these words because he does not want to arouse memories that perhaps I was too miserable to have to bury it.

Parting from you, honey!

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