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Far away

Thanks for the life you have to push me away I know you love me as long as ... Back again through a rainy night. I no longer count how far apart they have nights like this already. Rain old commonplace, suddenly I want to walk alone.
I'm happy because I met him and be his love, cherish as something precious. I will wait for a rewrite of happiness not from dreams but from all faith and effort of both you and me.
"In love is the most stupid wait .. .. " Everyone told me that that they themselves had experienced and was waiting to go through a stupid, my heart seemed dead silence, broken trust in you. But you sir and then he decided: "In love, it is foolish to lose faith."
Back again going through a rainy night. I no longer count how far apart they have nights like this then. Language rainy old commonplace, suddenly I want to walk alone. I remember as a child, just like to wallow in the rain, children or small boats by folding paper money and then drop down to the water. Boats lapse but staggered by a waterproof layer of bills, it is through the water. Suddenly, where, to the whirlpool, I tried to run fast rescue boats, but never catch up. Because the water rolling on my feet, I need to walk away. Boats sink and decay into hundreds of small paper fibers.
rainy season so that no child is struggling with too many notes. The sense of pride looking at boats, glide along steadfast-lane water. I know it will sink, will not pass but still like to hope, is to imagine the boat will never sink this boat and the boat will be for the whole season next year and after.
If only you could understand everything, knows everything. only you can love is all I want to love, to you, to cherish and want to please ... I want to hug me silver like the other boats, waterproof, thin but firm, small but brave band to life on the road by which these risks are not afraid, not afraid of the loss and both stumbled stumbled. all my life and learned to love to take out the same.

He is part of the journey there, you know? I was not a single star, she was born for him, add relationship with him, go with him anywhere. When he told me: "I love you!" and I felt a profound eyes he saw me, his warm arms holding you, his face radiant brightly hidden all around the night sky, his lips gently, but passionately and I knew I had work to go along with the intense and passionate.
I've loved, I never felt loved much like that. Until this moment, you still love me, love me like the first day was long ago. I still love to do a small boat in his boundless ocean, and he likes to go through all the same factors, like the rising sun he welcomed his first tightlipped sea calm and the peace he was landing.
Darling! Tonight and many other nights, the sky will rain again, silver boat will play with his back, will wobble back and know what will sink would disintegrate ... ... ... will then be broken to heal using the links on the wound suffered. But the season rainy years later, after another, it will be the proud, brave, new glide path, does not deny fate. I'm happy because I was born and for my mother a passionate heart. I love all the things going through my life but do not faint. And I love you!

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