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F5 love

Despite a long marriage, a few new tricks do love to help you makes my heart was cold to hot flashes her emotion.
1. Attention to her health

Please always interested in her health as she asked it rains you cold? Need you to bring warm clothes or rain gear for her not to?

Thoughtfulness than you can leave the rain jacket available folded neatly in your trunk or warm blanket every night before she to sleep.

2. Call her by nickname

Whenever you need to change the way vocative so intimate, call her a lovely way like "the beautiful princess I "or" sweet candy balls "...

3. Romance in the rain

When it rains, go out and invite her to dance a few things that two people interested. This is a romantic idea makes you feel like you are in love again last time. May end up with common bath room.

4. Help her in the kitchen

also occasionally let her cook, whether you have bad about cooking or clumsy in the kitchen should also help her around the odd work snacks such as picking vegetables, taking advantage of times like the same attention to her.

5. Wash and vehicle maintenance to help her

You also need to consider not only her but she means to go to. That also shows you always wanted her to safety on the road with the car running really "good." Occasional oil change and car wash to help her of you.

6. Send an email to her

Whether the two of you often "face" is an email attachment cards always give her the unexpected, fresh and happy from your love .

7. Change the air

You can invite her to dinner at a romantic place, where if you have good memories of two first met, or better. Eating an ice cream together is not a bad idea where.

8. Meaningful gift

Give her a gift made by your own hand or according to taste some of her paintings. If you find old photographs, memories shot two people she did not have more than poetic.

9. Romantic films like Korean

If she is a Korean movie fan, then why do not you invite her to go rollerblading or skating in the film like it? The common or her "dream" things like romantic movies Gil.

10. Whispered "I love you

When she was in trouble myself alone without the children, gently to the side and whispered" I love you. A gentle kiss and a hug pressure will cause her to tremble with emotion.

11. Spend time together

Whether you work, you should still arrange a time two people are together without risk of trouble myself something that can just read the evening to each other they both liked the book.

In the freezing air that blankets the sky covering the stars and tell stories to each other, was a perfect evening, and pleasant.

12. Hold her hand

One way of expressing love is always a habit for her or a family photo in your wallet there. She will definitely feel very happy to see you always for the wife and kids a priority No. 1.

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