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The eyes of the soul

Believe in yourself, please

open your heart and soul to show all

From birth, I normal eyes not like the others. We offset each other and not look in the same direction. I can not see around a normal way.

When crawling, and I always head to the wall or table leg, next to chair. To know to slow down, things get worse when I staggered like drunk themselves. Everyday I have the scars and bruising caused by tripping.

One day, she took me to a musical instrument shop in the street, I accidentally touched a piano, a few keyboard under my hands played. A very strange feeling swept over me. Since then, I started learning piano enthusiasts. Black spots, white spots on the music makes me excited, enthralled. Soon, I was able to play the classical music that she loved. For me at that moment, happiness is to be immersed in the wonderful sounds of the piano sound. And in the heart of ten year old boy like me, the piano became an object can not deviate from.

Then suddenly an accident happens. Today, I immersed into the garden and picked players determine the comment about there, did not notice dark clouds unfurl across the sky. When the rain begins to hit, I ran into the house feverishly. My legs wobbled faced a nearby tree. Loud! I do not remember anything but an indescribable pain in the eye, beginning to spread to me fainted. Covering a dark color.

I was transferred to hospital and left stranded with two pieces of tape on the eyes. Think of the show's first music I was invited to participate in school, I cried.

See I'm depressed, she made me determined to show animated program. I desperately yelled:
- Mother khogn understand well, you can not do it because they can not see the music and the keyboard. I have to do?
- The road just as you did before. - She replied simply.
- I can not understand good. I do not do it! - I said bitterly in tears - I do not see that!
I sat down firmly
- I do not need to look at. I have played it a thousand times already! - And she put my hand on my chest - I believe in myself. the music is right here in my heart. let everyone know that!

I did not speak very quietly, his hands groping quen.Chot guitar body is something rising in my heart - a feeling of both fear just determined.

That evening, the teacher took the stage My hands, my hands trembled nervously. but when I touch the keyboard is wonderful, all the anxiety disappeared. Such as music flows from my heart. I never play like that night.

After the show. everyone around me congratulations. Mother hugged me well happy, happy. Warm hands of her teacher grabbed my arm. A friend whispered to my ear:
- How can you play so when he can not see what?
I smiled:
- Would you believe that I also have an eye else?

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