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Everyone can fly

Everyone can fly
A little boy lived in orphanages as a child. The boy always dreams that I could fly like birds. All explanations are not make any sense to him.

He or questions that why he can not fly while in the zoo but there are more birds to him, yet they still fly.
There a another boy had been paralyzed since childhood, dreams are the only hope she can walk and run like the other kids. The boy always asked my dad why he could not walk.
One day, the boy lived in orphanages is out. Him to the park and saw him paralyzed playing in the sand pit. The boy asked him to run again in the other bunker ever dreamed of flying yet.

- I never dreamed like that - boy paralyzed answer - but I always wish that I can walk normally like him.
- I'm sorry, his sad story. Hey, we can be friends with each other, okay?
- Of course!
Two children playing happily together until his father brought her paralyzed wheelchair get me out his son on. The boy has dreamed of flying to whisper something in my ear my friend.
- Okay, if you want - The father replied.
Boy approached and told her best friend
- You're my only friend. I wish I had a miracle will make you move. I can only do this small thing for you.

Then he immediately carried their paralyzed friend on the back and head. At first, he went slowly, then gradually he run, run faster. Paralyzed boy shouted excitement:
- Thank you, this is the first time I did not need a wheelchair.
He wants to fly faster as well even though his face flushing and clothes the sweat-soaked. The father of two children looking happy running around in circles around the lawn. Paralyzed boy raised his hands in the air shouting:

- Daddy! Look, I can fly it, I was flying it!

The story of two boys who remind us that: If you can not fly, you can still help others flight. Like if you do not achieve your dreams, you can still help other people achieve their dreams. Whether that dream is identical to your dreams. And you still happy.


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