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Evening was sweet ...

I still remember last night was sweet, he comes to me as sweet and clear tone Eve echoing each return ...
was a kid I studied foreign languages, free time again "wheel throwing up shop Internet marketing for the family. Now he is one of my clients.
The children sell marble, but my knowledge of this field is totally zero, much as I did not think you get out Where is the spiritual capital of the People in the profession to talk to him so enthusiastically.
After each question playfully chatting with you, I have to be a little smileys. I asked why he kept the world laugh, so he told me to always relaxed mood with me. And I did smile after saying that his vague.
The first time I agreed to meet his children are also very hard. Your house and your house like two ends of the city, I would be afraid to bother you should ask for this particular ride. Yet as the default to intimidate me with anger, how even chased him off she insists also on the home for it, and then run all the time describing the new home of the
You, sir, that night they had kindled in a vague feeling, like some early morning up to pink cheeks, caress and purity.
Sun at her Saigon in the cold. No frost, cold as the North, such as wind will will end the collection, but also enough for me het throughout the week.
I do not visit them, the chat between us on the sparsely populated, have sometimes I think anyway sad moment this is just another virtual world, meet people who feel it is fleeting, my heart to the brain is suddenly calm.

Both my weekend fever is still crushed at home, the phone rung up some strange machine, you start your neglect, please do not entertain anything. On the other end is a familiar voice: "You'll be the sun heating block for me, I quickly opened the door for him to go on duty."

You, sir, Until now I still remember feeling that day, I thought as servants cried in his arms. Despite the hot underground steam, I still walk around town with him to shore as they hide deep in the arms of him, to hear his hot breath on the tree you're cold hands. I call him Sun - sun - also from her walk.
I'm getting used to the habit of joking with him in the warm sunshine , to hear him softly call me, to see the sun equivocal after his appearance and watch my two little balls fit into each cage, I call it happiness.

Love is when ngoeo his hand and said: "luv, I'll love you till the end of this life."


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