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Even when I'm crying!

- was at midnight, surfing adventure with mild to playlist Instrument will be pleased. Started thinking about the future, about children, and on both anymore. Would never have imagined that one day if you leave us. Maybe we will in this, you will bare alone - alone, I remember those days together.
The timid hand held, hugged tight circles, and make sure I will cry. But because I love you I will let you go, as quietly and calmly on the first two children together.
I alone in thinking mine was over, you were right now, I feel so happy. Me and my opposition under the skin surface but there is a pair of god. Will no longer earn one accidental slip of the mouth out with me saying exactly the same, nobody will be in tune with our perception of this life, nobody will like you anymore ...
Although life two of us later how,
I also promise you that always smiled me!
Just think over time if one day they disappeared from our life, we have xe spicy nose. It is not possible to imagine anymore. I do not know is not it sad? Anyway, I make fun, go to "forget the passion and love and passion" as someone's verses, forget it as if it was a breeze through my life time. Because you are an angel! You deserve to be worshiped in place of a lovely princess and gorgeous, you deserve to live the happiest life on earth. Just to see you happy with how we have more than enough. Maybe this life would be like someone did not love me anymore.
I was crying, every drop flowing out - cry for me, cry for us. Why are you crying it? I did not understand me anymore. We love you but I was afraid to lose you. Are you afraid that one day we had to leave me. Love you crazy drunk and crazy. Baby! Although the life that we later how, they also promised that he always smiled me! Just so he can only be satisfied already!

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