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England - in my past

Britain's beloved children! Let me be your girl calls him again and he'll bury it forever with my memory you very much. Today, a busy day like any other day but she still spends a period to his own thoughts and nostalgic about something that she will never get anymore, it's not the baby was 3 years then.
On it, she bumped into him on the path Lang Ha. Of early winter weather everyone wants a quick ride home to avoid cutting the skin away from the cold cut meats, baby and he is also a wealth of in these people. Lang House on the road today, Xuan Thuy longer than that, or your baby's mood and he's funny that we forget everything that happened around him. UK National University are you? Children of Le Duc Tho. In the great love she has for her and stick with him for two years - a time not too short nor too long for the baby and he enjoys the loving, happy, sweet. Then he was a young student of medicine he had to go to work, then she was sad not know how when you do not have a stable job while he's little different. He himself had little faith that he will forever be the baby and each other. Well she was like that. The last day of school graduation exam you were busy but he never let him go to work on myself, I take a bus to take her on. What's happier than me right? "Brothers and sisters on the old bike ..." - just like the lyrics of Phuong Thao Ngoc Le so.
She welcomes her happiness, his son's first baby heart vibration The first son is the care and the spiritual when her weakness. He worried about her as a child leaving the mother's arms, her fear of cold when the city, afraid to sleep late and will harm her health, her medication every instance when the baby sick. He led her to play when he sad, he asked her not believe in fate? (Because of her age and he carved one another). Replied he had a message but it is said "to win the faith" that he. He held her in my heart, gently kiss her hair and she thanks him for his message.
But my hand is too small to be able to hold his own ...
times have serial time, he and she live in happiness, but also not perfect, both live in the barrier of her baby. Maybe you love it more powerful to fight with her happiness. He promised he would never leave her no matter what happens ... But maybe he was too tired to continue the struggle to protect his love? Or trying to create misunderstanding? My hand is too small to be able to hold his own ...
days to say goodbye baby baby do not cry, baby very resilient when they see the tears rolling down his cheeks as a child. Told him that her baby will not sad that he will take this day is a happy anniversary, he said he do not say anything else let it go as good as the beginning and then she turned away to walk. Home that night she cried a lot, cry the baby fell asleep one night. The next day she hugged her mother back home and never cry baby cry so much. At times she just wanted to remember his last run on that road to meet him, but was too late, she was alone in his own four walls until he found her neighbor has expressed her depression and began to changing environment.
She chose to settle in a place far away to forget all that the most grief. Well, that time is passed 3 years, 3 years his name is forever in her memory, three years without him beside her, 3 years was unable to feel the feelings of everyone again and today Baby sitting here writing for you are writing about a nostalgia da kill the baby. Baby is crying, crying over a past or cry for the love of her that he still remain far?! Babies do not know, he has promised himself that I would never keep a diary for me baby one more time but he still wrote about him ...
You know, the day he broke his also the day he retired at the center, she wants to leave that place because there were many memories that she dare not face it - a fact that she had lost him. Did not dare over there, once again, but the boy alone, let the memories that go past you very much. Both the baby and he has a long way forward should be, then she will forget and everything nice welcome around me. Little far away always wish him all the best, miss a day bumped into each other on the street she would still smiled for the first time his fate as he. I will always wish her happy loving woman.

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