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End of the road you make me

UK! I write you these lines in a Saigon night cold and rainy outside waving taking the fall ...

February, the city is the rain season so this, the rain fell in little cups at night as the tears fell silently on the corner of grief my eyes when Valentine's Day is coming. Around them, the couple love each other are excited dating, friends who also encouraged me to prepare to welcome ... happy valentine day I just sat alone in the night away, heard the little rain that separated the patio of a local drop-soul heaven so far away ...

contrast to Saigon is the weather will cold, Melbourne is very hot right now is not he?

I read that the temperature there is very high and the heat has become a record. In that distant, half of each day they are fighting an illness, he would not be heartbreaking to see you?

I can not remember, I had agreed to meet with Christmas in Saigon in December and end of his birthday, two kids will have dinner together with the shimmer of gold candles, a party that simply warm ... then he will stay with you until the end of the month in February because it has two important dates: Valentine's and my birthday!

Testament is the date that they were counting days passed with eager expectation, and then when the day came near he suddenly disappeared. I tried to send a message yahoo, send mail ... call ... but in vain, no way to contact him. I was so down, and resentment that he has moved back the heart, causing collapse of confidence in me ... Christmas night passed tedious, then spring to you also sad because he did not return. Between myself as I'm trying to forget all your heart, your memories into a corner store in my heart the message he received. Heard you call me and nick he saw light, quiet, people think you're dreaming. So much pent up for so long pressing the flush, I blame him not spare words, do not stop the tears falling in the vent line to send for him.

Then you know a painful truth ...

UK blood cancer!

land beneath the sky as they fall.

his photos appeared emaciated before your eyes through the webcam, but the day still face the sparkling eyes he has now become lethargic tired ... you go much thinner and hair has fallen out. He confided in me acting out. When a medical examination, blood test results held in his hand, he did not believe it's true. That he was very young, only 26 years old, how have cancer again? He accused the heaven's not fair to him, giving him an intelligent mind, a way of robbing famous beautiful but lost his time, deprived of his lost opportunity to enjoy it ...

He had to leave Australia on 11/12 for the U.S. to treat and to date 23 / 1 returned. Every week I have to live with blood. This spring also for what he did mean. All our plans have collapsed in the fateful moment. I cry and he also tears ...

So why, Madam? Everyday, I dream I nurtured this dying suddenly and opportunities will no longer be together .... now you blame who? Sky shall not pity the two of us, or his resentment of silver? And I blame anyone when his life is calculated each day now ... Bracelet he bought me during a business trip in Sydney, said he would wear himself to me on Valentine's but now no chance anymore ... I could not on my side!

Date valentine for you now suddenly became meaningless when the children do not have him. My birthday just four days later, and they will also welcome the age of 20 alone quietly. No flowers, no candles, no one you love next to celebrate. Now, I do not expect anything like all bubbles were swept tan dead. In my heart aches so just left, my heart aches for each animal and the person you love heavy ...

You can not go like that! We desire not so much round.

His mother tried to charity, only hope can bring you good news about the health of children love. And you? Here, on a small corner of Saigon, I have prayed daily for him. If it could trade both of their youth to keep him in the back, they are ready to do it for him.

I can not by his side at the moment, but I still hope hope he has enough energy to win the division. I only wish now is to see him complete peace.

Hold on you very much, do not surrender to fate because he had inside me that!

Your love is certainly the power to encourage him to try. This Valentine's Day but can not see each other but in my heart always has the ball he's available. Sometimes life is miracle happened. I believe it will be a miracle to bring me back to my loving, confident and healthy, and we welcome the opportunity valentine day happy, is not he?

Fighting you very much!

At the end of the road you love will always wait for you ......

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