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Elementary school

time passed quickly indeed a new day You and I are still the child's innocence and ebullience period we study no longer together but not too short to elementary school memories embedded in the memories that he would accompany him all the way left.

then taking the we are her 4th grade placement he and I sat close together, we often quarrel with each other and from the arguments he has other things because he knew he liked you, then you make concessions from I do not know you have not realized that that time he felt very happy but sometimes very annoyed when I saw you talking with Coat of times I felt like I was crazy to take him is not it selfish of you. There have been many late nights he is way to think about you.

Then time went on until one day he heard his children to school with only a few days I have the same father, his mother moved to a place as far as he So take heart, you know I wished at that time declined slowly walk slowly to him being around me more than I have the courage to tell you one thing he loved me. Last few days that I go to school very early so he felt this was a happy moment of the great moments when I see people still prefer to remain healthy to laugh at me know, you're very close to me but it also One day he went to school and no longer see the silhouette of me again.

That day in class I wish time goes fast but the time it was a miserable man so it just went very slowly relaxed and there are times when I have a feeling it does not float, and I said to myself Oh, hurry up time to be on time, but why go back to slow but eventually the drums Schools also sounded after he took her out of class on the bag fast climb to the ceiling and looked at me he was very excited when he saw the door of my house is still open, I always hope that they still remain strong today there is a reason so I did not go to school and his climb up the climb down to see her but did not see you, tomorrow I go to school really early today and always hope they will come but when the drums sounded access all look back he looked down and I do not see he knew he had to lose you lose the opportunity to tell her that Van Oh I like him but then he saw how deeply miss you miss you How much do you blame yourself why so many children and his past when he did not sit near each kind to me, why he can be arguing with you is the word. Knowing that I was going to inspire nostalgia, but he also climbed the day he climbed down and has always carried with me a hope that they still remain, the first time he was very sad but the sadness which then also He then passes to feel normal again sometimes I go home once I met you there was not met because he lived on very little when the Phuc Yen. Symbolically
loneliness was corrode away all the time but suddenly a beautiful clear day for a scene before his eyes appeared calm blue sky. A bit chilly and a little sunshine makes it all the autumn scene more charming and romantic he suddenly remember about elementary school memories of that night because he could not sleep much on my mind, little sleep that I dreamed I saw you holding hands and say Oh I love you van then I am looking forward to heaven quickly find ways to communicate with you, I feel like I could live those days poetry larvae and a few months after he first contacted me you are glad and happy I made it for him to let him see you are doing something in class 4 before he has done. Although there tomorrow no matter what even if I do it anywhere, I will always pray for you to be happy!


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