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Early rains

When feelings get hurt, it will start the natural process of healing wounds on the body as such. Let's let that process happen and believe that one day the wounds will heal. All the pain will pass, you will definitely feel stronger.
Rain! Rain too! But the rain this afternoon was different from the afternoon rain ... by that afternoon, I have you!
mother said, he was born on a rainy day in June. Perhaps that is why I love the rain more than anything I have. So why do you hate the rain this afternoon too!
probably in it to make you remember me, remember the memories seemingly buried heart. Then the memories came rushing back as these movies are turned back in time ...
rainy afternoon, we travel together, each only around the rain. He was silent, you were silent. Did not know he is pursuing in the thinking? And you? Happily flooded me, you enjoy complete silence for their own pleasure.

I say I love you, and you believe what you say because you know I have to prove it with a kiss in a hurry, only small ... but it's enough for her loneliness as a child. He gives me joy and happiness I know how to love.
I feel lucky, and they bring the luck of sharing his girlfriend with his best friend but you. But stranger yet, I feel a transient sadness in her eyes. I've been thinking forever. I do not understand! Why? Questions fell into silence ...

However, from that day onward, his outings, and they all have the presence of his friend. I tell him to worry as she was worried for you, pay attention to her as cares for you ... by a simple reason: they fear her sad! And of course, he has completed that task brilliantly.
I kept wondering if I will keep it forever happiness. It's no surprise when he turned left me, the pain in you no cover up. I do not understand why her appointment to the cafe we ​​are familiar, and then asking for permission first? I do not understand why her eyes were wet again in the gait is somewhat on the run. I panicked, he had to chase them back in time to prevent, take my hand and told me to sit down:

- Wait! Em ... I ... Hear him say ...
you to rest your hand in the palm of his hand. His eyes look at me ... apparently, it seems there is something strange ... Now why I felt this it? He had told me a lot, but you can not hear anything. Hitman burst my ear. Face blur with tears. Rain out there that thought as I was crying tears ...
Until now I did not remember what I said to my rainy afternoon that day. I only know that, look into my eyes, I vaguely understood all ... I understand, he will leave me and I've lost you forever! In such children have a chance to break it up into individual pieces, then gently flying ... As well as his feelings for me, also gently flying ...


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