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Do not ...

Do not remember you the second you very much!
For the week every morning when you wake up you do not have to wonder: today I can still remember him not?
How many times my heart began to go against reason although the way that two parallel lines is the safest choice. Make it flat once with you, you very much. But I'm confident you vulnerable.

Do not remember you Tuesday, you very much!

For each heart's weak shot up when they run out lights that light up and his friends in the agitated crowd of children.

Sun greener and the sun suddenly operating loss when he spent more than a corner of the screen to offer a "Hi you." My sister every turn broaching status but haughty Oh, I only own message. I found him sleeping quietly and peacefully.

Wednesday Do not remember you, you very much!

To the gold strike my ear no words of love he says. To shadow someone accidentally surf through the door where I sat there quietly as I was startled. For those of you not torment me encumbered. To sweet memories about someone of his easy life.
Do not send the message: "I miss you" Thursday, you very much!
To my eyes not escape his eyes searching for me. Investment in his eyes that he can for others. You slim but you strong. Muttered quietly to my heart refused to be drowned in the bottom of his eye.

Do not ask: "I have loved you?" Friday nhé!

Everyone has the right to love another. Especially around him, I was surprised when there are so many things remind me remember you, more than anyone else. I do not know themselves they have never related to them more than normal may be called to the accident. Left to me, the way I had never known before I met him, so long familiar to the strange suddenly. I fear he will turn by leaning the other, opposite direction that I would have to follow. And to love and be loved you, you and I will take more than what they both have.
Do not make someone be upset Saturday, is not he!
I know you do not have on Saturday, which life. I felt angry with him and secretly admired him from the party who so long. If a child, spent much time alone is not enough for me. So what excuse do upset someone?
You very much and once on Sunday, please:
... smile real big like the first time I met you ...
speak a word of it, that you have been dreaming a long dream.
and I do not like the wind, then, far from it then.


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