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Do not "right" when asked, me!

Quan said:" Every time an argument, she will demand separation. Even want to confirm that you love her more, she is also ... real need.
The girl "right" when asked

pretty cute, but boy does anyone have access to a method, only twice as well ... every kilometer run away. Cause the only one, that she is ... "Right" too.

Here is because the method is too cocky in their beauty. In the minds of the method, do not know has always been ever since "default" the idea: "My daughter is right ... arrogant. " Because if the guy "access" they cheer at the beginning, will be deemed to be genuine ... easy, as "depreciation." Therefore, to "fake deaf", not bothering to answer, leaving all upset if "being" familiar.

Method "tragic memory thief" a boy long ago. Then, one fine day, he caught the bus station, The suddenly get a big smile. Needless to say, How The joy, she replied that she had by that smile ... turn the other way, for true "philosophical pride" of his. Another time, his friend "the plunge", Methods in front until stammered: "I was not acquainted," but the method still think, now that the ruble, then nodded, "the arrogant" is not enough, and she made not to hear, turn your head, go straight before his eyes full of awe and frustration of the other boy.

The forever wish him "relearn" the third, Wednesday, ... but it never came true.

"Saw" huh? Just ... wait that long neck

again because "right model", the love story of Mai "long closed telecom systems themselves," no less.

Dung flirting Mai About LinkBacks shrinkable ... 2 years. Dung such as perseverance has always felt and believed that Mai has feelings for her, she just did not understand why any "butter cake" nostalgic. Again and again expressed love this show love, do not always get the first shake of Mai.

Just like what the thinking Dung, Mai "wonky" Dung long time ago. However, Mai thought: "Yeah, but a little arrogant, but love can be an easy opponent, you definitely will not appreciate." For Mai, the "persistence" means that love truly. Nearly two years Dung "spread", Mai said that not enough, and have not been able to nod.

Only when, courageous thinking, "How long you take the full idle" and walked away love another, the new Gang Gang Mai, find ways to "fire information" to him about his feelings, and suffering for a long time since losing someone you loved.

Love is very ...

proud not just as a person "approach" or flirting familiar, the new girl now that the "signs" a "kind" to bombing, which even then was in love , still ... lovely as always.

Army also asked her to be an "arrogant" way, he tells of two people break up the cause: "Love is a year that she kept so cold as ice. I love how much private information, she responded much truncated dwarf. Never heard her say things like: "I love you too" or "I miss you" ... Many times I asked why, she replied: "girls that love to show too much, then he will quickly bored." I smile, does not understand her get us into what he thought children. Explained again and again, repeating that I really want people who love attention, love, and I can not think "boring" as she says, but she still is like a ... logs. "

Army after adding:" Every time an argument, talk to small talk, she will demand separation. She always wanted to confirm that you love her more, she is also ... real need. "With you, with or without love it does not matter at all." I decided to split, she is arrogant, replied calmly: "Depending on you." A long time after having his new, short-term tears: "I kept thinking how much more cold, more loving way his son much ...". At that moment it was all his feelings, saying, there is no sense anymore. "

Who said that:" My daughter is right ... arrogant "? Pride in a "lack of salt", to then lose love as the above cases, does not deserve?

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