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Do not wear ...

essence of marriage is beautiful and human. That way two lovers live together properly, the family, social recognition.

Since then their life together, is to take care of each other, love, harmony of flesh and blood to the children. No one is closer to your spouse to share, the feeling all sad happy hard during nest building to achieve a life of peace, happiness ...

But while many people eager to marriage are not many people look at it with eyes of fear or hide, fear. Males have a marriage as a "life sentence", while females have historically recognized that "a yoke around the neck as her husband." The fact is many men, women, because of ignorance, selfish, narrow-minded marriage has turned into a disaster for people to marry you.

Management such as managing her husband in prison
Ms. Page Britain is not only a beautiful woman, but also a very good professional and responsible, their two children looked nice, flat glass and decent husband standards She is known for. But gradually and friends, his colleagues Sang discovered how his poor living in that house, which was thriving memories he called it a "five-star prison"!

They also love feedback from students, Sang completely satisfied about the girl hard, but his decency marry. At first the wife "governance", he found fun, thought that because his wife wanted, wanted to hold him and protect against the temptations, disaster.

Capital prides flowers, salary per month to pay off his wife, just to keep a little pocket. But his extensive properties, meet friends have fun with that money he spent only one week is very clear. Now he understood that the payment to "bank" wife is easy, but it is difficult to draw.

Fear region husband own hands him money, she switched to English page ... daily fine for sure. A man, he has occasionally sat pleasurable coffee morning, coffee with friends on the list of beer in the afternoon last week, but his wife said outside eating unsafe food, have them "chicken red nails "bothering unsafe for health and family happiness, so I only eat at home. Many times his face distorted to meet the unexpected situations that are too little money in your pocket.

He is a pleasure to watch football anymore, since his wife had no time to watch live football in the yard for pleasure is multiplied with the "believers" of football. Only then look at the television at home had also been.

But any football match after 23 hours of the night as his wife ... because she goes to sleep late that bad, stay healthy to go to work tomorrow. That most international football games or other time zones are due to falls at midnight or the morning, he knew only pity to bed tomorrow overheard friends ... comment.

Mobile with others is an indispensable means, but I sometimes just want to throw away the palaces ... freedom. Because every time his wife calls to her, the question always is: "Where are you there?". If he said that continuing clients, meetings, meet friends, she must prove a new message.

Also a small thing, he originally sang very happy, but now I was too tired. Love each time she or he bought the tie or shirt branded expensive, sometimes he likes to wear to, but as he preferred to dress comfortably, as a little dust or dirt. Which from now on my way to work must also wear the clothes, formal selection by the wife purchased in her tastes do not make me feel that I was too!

There are several components men may know his wife said: "Seeing him without freedom too, I did not want to get married again." He agreed immediately: "Yes! Wedding ring, he is the handcuffs ... miniature. "

When her husband ... lords
The verbal statement about personal freedom being violated most of the male, which is a wife without freedom, the money is managed, tightening the time being, no dance of flying single time ...

But the freedom is lost when a family is much more than their wives, they have suffered so little good to complain that only. Since most women to accept free trade to lift earth happy family, they voluntarily throw away the fun little privacy if the husband does not like. But a few who were husband and wife "grip" can not bear too much they "rise up" if you do not want to lose his or fall into depression ...

A group friends after ten years of the school to communicate with each other held a meeting, do not wait forever to see Thu, an ancient beauty of the class. Calling the house, Thu shy said: "There are no girls to welcome her new husband to go." New people that probably should have broken the "guaranteed" to get the fun with you in a few hours.

For years few people see her and think they are happy Thu, yen ventricular surface in taking a husband giants, throw away her university degree, a police department in the noble housewife. No doubt, the Revenue appears she is no longer an Secondly fast, playful, loves to sing, which is an imposing lady, looks luxurious but full of suffering and premature aging.

When people are asked to sing, she'd said she did not sing for 10 years because her husband that women are more likely to sing ... failure to prohibit his wife sing. Your feelings are asking for a moment, the fun has not recovered her husband received the phone call told about! Friends collection look with eyes begging for understanding.

How many years now, she is not going to meet friends or play alone, even to visit their parents are also allowed husband's before you go ... Some time later, he heard his friends were divorced Thu newspapers, they do not know condolences or congratulations to you.

Respect each other's own sky
Every person entering a life partner, though devoted to family, they also need a separate sky, these are about privacy in their work, their own pleasures, their own friends, own spending ... that your partner must respect. Of course what was not opposed to individual rights and family happiness.

If management is too tightly together, deprived of freedom of each reaction only further makes the other person feel sharp stuffy, restrictive, and even psychological depression and anger to come out ...

(The Happy Family)

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