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Do not wait for me my lunch!

"Chorus" is familiar from their husbands, many wives have listened to the daily long. Story "stuck" every man's way are explained by a husband, a male psychologist and a wife ...
I am a very responsible manner. Since her old social life, I wholeheartedly for my family. When the frequency of each í ới friends gathered plants, I also very upset. But the kids look very naked body, they also worried Xue alone leaving my wife alone. Then hung Friends "bo blow" her back without noticing. In return, each way to work on old dwarf weeks running out to welcome his father, married and geese nghiu lia lia: "Best Trade father home, happy with nothing. Every night I play with. Wife has just arranged clothes while watching TV ... Picture of a happy family is perfect.

But in my heart something was wrong. That the news had had television, media ... but I feel like people themselves backward from the last century remain. Perhaps lacking a bit ... "Comrades" and the stories "cross parliamentary rai" the table together is always more interesting than any of the categories of news media. Bi Cu was great, I no longer have to teach each child forged letters, do the math ... so I'm unemployed! The day I came home from work early, not old school add on, my wife glued to the television. Going to go into do not know what to do, I find myself on a desert island like Robinson, but Robinson is worse, he has other Friday to you, but I fear that light from your life ... Then take my time, pushed the "back to paradise," so there!

I remember when I was little, every time my parents are looking forward to quarrel with you for three to play. Since you came, my father immediately became fun, local news and falling as the ball deflated. Straw cup with you for a while also, almost forgot he had an argument with his wife.

Women are often told many stories. In my opinion is a bit unjust for her. Men are now much more talk than women. Luxuriant light on the company chat around the coffee table, coffee and lunch and dinner again invite each other to make a few cans ... continued. Where things do not know, say from morning to night without end. You missed a couple of days have sighed over ribs than seven. Occasional business trip more interesting. Only men together make up the spoiled. My wife joke: "Every time I come back the fun as ... New honeymoon. "

rai much as men not merely to say that drinking just needs to chat with you, relieve work pressure. Also happy to find you, find you sad, not sad not happy to find you ... What you see is not fun! That's how most effectively relieve stress. Missing you, missing a bit noisy restaurant also moody as he does ... cat ears cut off.

In marriage, the couple later on as few things to say. Maybe not every day salt ketchup sauce on price, many points this day, exterior anyone sick ... My family found the calm I was bored. My friend once told his wife about the night that make your hair, sitting on a hammock swaying child ru, north of the table next to the older school teaching post. Complaining conscience, he would swear from now on her side early. But only a few days have seen him looking oven probe "Comrades" coal "more meals at home again I would die." Had a bad reputation is only happy alone, leaving his wife about the paddle. In the table together once you've brought this to the table, desk to desk for a while, then back out the knots: men do not seem to be programmed to ... suffered and died as women. Europe is due ... The sky, know how to be!

Some days I called my wife dragged "him earlier this afternoon and I do eels um, chicken salad with lemon leaves ...". The program sounds very interesting. My wife submissive women picked vegetables, set the table. Listen to your plants, I still do not join. Corpse sitting at home but the soul has ... Rafter flying fish hot pot restaurant, parking is always there. So the house sits eating with his wife and children that they are seen as acting outside laughing laughing said with certainty that the intestinal wilt, shrink shrink nhach ...

Therefore, despite ideological struggle enough trying to type, eventually the victory always belongs ... our side. Must leave it, do some drawing every afternoon and then go home ... the rest. My wife kept ringing ringing, "self" to work steadily to pay his wife, was even brought his family council and the wife "to prosecute", scraped up scraped down several times ... but he does he remains impassive. Every appointment is to "jam"! Because addiction has been called that, any medicine for it!

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