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Do not rush in love

One of the reasons why your love do not go to where the next place to love or be loved back, is that you have made some mistakes in terms of views, but when they were young we did not knew it. Those who have experienced or will give you some "way" to manipulate you. It may not seem very natural to follow, but really very very natural that "within the" you!
Do not be sad love because

Time really strange, you love her because he wanted to fill the gap, but then most people's situation you realize you have feelings for her ... So, if she knows that?

Married for Responsible

You remember, do not love it but married people are worse crimes than not married. If not love, you will not know how to create happiness with someone you love.

Arbitrary marriage

matter what your age, relatives and friends even urged that, you also absolutely not be lenient with their marriage, marriage is not gamble, do it again if you will pay prices are extremely expensive.

Sentiment has no place for the right person the wrong

If you leave her, make sure you have room she is not satisfied. When broke, do not "impeachment" people to "upgrade" for themselves, but should look into the facts and learn from experience.


With a far different person than you about the habits, lifestyles, there arises the feeling you have to spend some time thinking, marriage must be very cautious, think about what you is acceptable as long, but nothing like what you?

sided Do:

Some people say that love is love I like people, also took it to get people like me ... are not true. Because: If someone you love but its not like they have nothing to love? But his wife did not love, then how is living?

Important new Fun
honest love someone, then make him be happy, her happy new you happy. Then, always in love again.


Do not feel disadvantaged because of their form, but she quit intended target. Mode is the most impressive time, the decision still lies in the harmony of nature. There are many people "husband and wife higher low" but still loyal to it, son iron lifetime!

Improve your

Do not think , his talent, many girls would "die for" very important, but talent is only half, if not tolerance and generous heart "compassionate discharge blow" to her, then you believe will not stand next to the "final" where.

Love also takes time

At least it does have two benefits You can feel all the pleasure and pain of love, the feeling between love and marriage will be completely different. Also, the two sides time to test my heart, find the similarities to the harmony. Thus after marriage new things sustainable!

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