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Do not let my tears fall nhé his nonsense!

Once we come to life together no matter how long or short time, to a life together we will always remember about him is not it? Where people love each other when one wants to say "good bye" Where nè, you are among them? I do not blame, do not mad at you first, to hear him say those things I felt bitter salty tears to fall: for me, for you or for the love we have is broken, I do not know?!? Well, I only pray for him that will accomplish what he desires for family, friends ...., and happy life which he has freely chosen. I do not leave me with him too impersonal causes or because of something else, but I must away from him .... just because I loved him, loved so much, and I do not want to falter in his footsteps the path he has chosen ... simply love this!

I know that when word was spoken, he was sad a lot. But the truth always makes one find it hard to accept him huh? Either way, I know he loved you very much - this is the biggest comfort for me - and we will never get together must not he?!? He not sad anymore, I never blame you for truth. From now on no one sulky, no one waiting for you to visit it anymore. Do you see the burning tears fell on his shoulder again offline. Now, you know, people break up, not because one of them cheating, but sometimes one has to split ... just because we loved each other. He paradox too huh?!? While this era was not like the old days anymore, "because families prevent, rich or poor thing" that we so far apart ... nhau.Thoi we love it wish you happy everyday life of their own, in my heart he is just a baby, forever ..... but do not tell me whether he is .... friends, you could not make it difficult boy, out for me!

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